10 Outstanding Womens Views on Marriage: Whoever you marry, remember this advice

 10 Outstanding Womens Views on Marriage: Whoever you marry, remember this advice

Everyones life, there will be some moments can not adhere to their own right?

For example, when filling in the college entrance examination for volunteers, parents say that the major is good, so they fill in the volunteers they dont like.

Or, when choosing a partner, someone doesnt like it because everyone says youre right and accepts it.

Others, looking for, wasted half their lives, did not find a lover, others said: You should get married, so it is over.

But are these people really happy?

I dont think so.

Maybe one day, we will understand: Its hard to stick to yourself, but its the only thing that can make you happy.

On the Internet, I saw an article describing such a scene.

A 28-year-old girl, on her 28th birthday, feels a little sad because her friends and relatives are one by one with people they dont like.

So she blew out the candles on the birthday cake and made her wish: He said he was married because of the familys urging; she said she was married because he had a house and a car; he said he was married because he was old; she said she was married because she had children. If one day I get married, I just hope its because of love.

This is a perfectly normal requirement, but it is a good wish for her.

Although we are all singing about good love, in fact, many people choose to be with people they dont love when they get married.

Reasons are realistic. Im old or he has a house and a car.

Is it not because of the word reluctant?

Think of a readers story.

Ive been with someone whos been chasing me for a long time, she said to me in a tweet. I dont like him, but Im too lonely to have someone to accompany me.

Listening to her saying, I wonder, because of loneliness and with people I dont love, can we really be happy?

Sure enough, she sent me another message: But the longer we stay together, the more painful I am. Even, because of pain, he was always deliberately picking on his faults in front of him, losing his temper and forcing him to suffer. What should I do?

Only a long sigh.

Emotion, in fact, is very obedient to their own inner things.

Sometimes reluctantly, not only can not make themselves happy, and even destroy the people who love you, the happiness of ta.


What kind of feeling is obedience to the heart?

I think its not about outside voices at least.

Of course, people who care about you will give you all kinds of advice. But what I fear most is that when you feel wrong in your heart, you take othersopinions as the golden rule in your actions.

Like the line in the Japanese drama The Perfect Divorce:

If a person does not know what he really wants, it will be easy and happy to miss.

I suddenly think of a picture in the TV play Deep and Rainy.

In the play, Mengping is bullied by several hooligans. Shuhuan feels very guilty for not stopping all this because he has the chance to stop it. He even spreads his anger on Yiping.

Does he really know who he wants to protect most in his heart?

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he was called hesitant He Shuhuan.

If a person is too ignorant of his heart, he will not only hurt himself, but also hurt others.

More importantly, if you hurt someone you love, the pain will probably be doubled.


Xu Jinglei said, I feel in my heart that what is good for everyone is clear to me. If I think marriage will make me happy, then I will get married, just as I think eating a hot pot will make me happy, so I will eat it.

Pai sauce said, You dont care what other people say. The most important thing for people is themselves.

Qin Lan said, I dont want to get married on impulse. I want to find someone who I would like to be with even if I stumble. Because I know that life can not be perfect, but since this person makes me satisfied, even if there are flaws, I would like to take his hand down. Instead of saying that Im at this age, Im going to get married.

Especially Cai Yilin said directly in the end: Never marry for marriage!

She said, Be sure to find someone you like. What do the public say, leave them alone?

Yes, love makes people feel good because it can make people feel unparalleled happiness.

And this happiness is not someone elses, its your own, and has nothing to do with age, money, status.

If a person hastily chooses a person to love and marry because of any external factors, but neglects his own heart, then Tas mind will not be really calm in the end.

People who dont love, in addition to making your loneliness more lonely, will have no other role.

Lin Xi, a famous poet, said:

A lot of people get married just to find someone to watch movies with themselves, not someone who can share what they have learned from watching movies together. If I just want to find a partner, I dont want to get married. I can watch movies all by myself.

Thats the best attitude to love.

Whether in love or in marriage, dont try to find out what you really feel because of other peoples comments or temporary loneliness.

Faithful to the love in your heart is the true love.


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