When a woman is entangled, the best five sentences to read (incisive)

 When a woman is entangled, the best five sentences to read (incisive)

Especially when you are faced with some choices, hesitation, vacillation, but will waste time and energy, make themselves distressed.

When conflicting, remember these five brocades so that you can quickly make judgments and cure your choice difficulties.

Go or not, go

There are some things that we should face, but we still have to face them after all. We cant avoid solving any problems.

Instead of standing still, struggling with internal friction and ideological struggle, its better to think about nothing and just move forward.

In some places, if you want to go, dont hesitate. If you want to win, dont give up. Otherwise, you will only regret yourself.

Go, may regret for a while, not go, but may regret for a lifetime.

Firm your own direction, and then go forward bravely, you will harvest different wonderful, meet different scenery.

When you buy or not, dont buy

Many people will be impulsive consumption, shopping when very happy, but after buying easily regret.

Often because of a sudden rise, the result is that money is spent, but things are not used several times, put aside idle ash.

In fact, what you want is not necessarily what you really need.

If you really need it, and after comparison, you still like it very much and buy it. If you dont like it so much, you dont need to continue to struggle.

When you say or dont say, dont say

There is a saying that if you hesitate, dont say it. If you hesitate, do it.

A lot of things are just as clear as they know them. If you cant see through them, you cant expose them. Dont try to speak fast for a while.

Some superfluous words, once uttered, will not only put themselves into a passive situation, but also later you will find that their behavior at that time is really silly.

To be a man, we need to be careful in our words and deeds, and learn to be silent in time. It is to leave some room for ourselves and others.

Give or not, give

As the saying goes, if you pay, you will get something in return.

Some things have been given, at least with a clear conscience, to stand up to their conscience.

If you dont give it, you will always think about it. It will inevitably lead to a sense of guilt after a long time.

There is no perfect thing in the world, there are gains and losses, but you have to believe that when you pay for one thing, you will eventually reap other surprises.

When you eat or dont eat, dont eat.

Sometimes I am full, but I cant resist the temptation of delicious food, and I still want to continue eating.

Reason tells us that we shouldnt eat, but our mouths are ready to move. In the final analysis, we are not self-disciplined enough.

Some junk food is happy when they eat it, but when they finish it, they get fat and hurt themselves, which in fact is also in the trouble of themselves.

While enjoying life, we should also understand proper restraint, not blindly pursue the desire of appetite, but let ourselves fall into pain, not worth the loss.

Life cant be perfect. When you choose something, it means losing something.

When facing a choice, remember to listen to your inner voice, think clearly, think through.

Dont hesitate, dont regret, no matter how you choose, it belongs to your life.

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