Japans Most Provincial Girls Buy Three Villas in 15 Years: Saving money is not cool at all. Cool is paying for dreams.

 Japans Most Provincial Girls Buy Three Villas in 15 Years: Saving money is not cool at all. Cool is paying for dreams.

Recently, I read a news: Japanese girls buy three buildings by saving money, retire early at the age of 33, and can earn 20,000 yuan a month by rent.

How many provinces does she have? Breakfast only eats one bread, lunch without seasoning, evening vegetable noodles, a day down to 10 yuan, refrigerator perennial only cheap discount food. Clothes are basically not needed by relatives and friends. Shoes are worn by mothers. Furniture is also eliminated by others. Even hair is sold by oneself. It took the girl about 15 years to buy three apartments. Then came the enviable moment of her life, retirement. But the so-called retirement is just not to go to work, not to say not to work, but to be the owner of their own - they opened a cat cafe, and live with the cat, is to achieve financial freedom. This financial freedom is also relative. According to most young peoples standards, a girls one month rent is certainly not enough to buy bags and ladies skin care products plus travel fitness, what is free.

But its enough for you to live a life without desire, without worrying about eating or drinking. 02 No inspiration, see how you interpret it.

Leaving the house price to talk about buying a house, everything is hooliganism. The media only emphasized that she had to save money to buy three villas for fifteen years, and I paid special attention to her three suites. The most expensive one was only over one million yuan. This house price, referring to Japans average income level, ordinary wage earners still have a good chance of saving money to buy a house. Changing to Chinas first-tier cities is not optimistic. Many young people cant earn a square meter a year, even if they dont spend a penny or touch the door. If you spend more money, youll be worse off. Youll have to save as well. If the monthly income is 350,000, it is expected to take several years to deposit the down payment of a small house on its own in the special province. Do you think its saved or earned? They have both, and more importantly, the latter. Its not worth promoting among young people that the austerity monastic way of saving money itself. Its nothing to wear second-hand clothes. Long-term dry bread and vegetable noodles are really troublesome to eat malnutrition. And its hard for people who are too stingy to make a lot of money, because making a lot of money requires moderate networking and communication.

What she really admires is not her saving money, but her willpower and execution: when she was 18, she decided to buy three buildings before she was 34 and retire. She made a detailed plan for it, and it really came true at the age of 33. She is not totally thrifty, for example, she likes cats and spends more than 1.5 million yen on them. What does it mean? People are just not interested in eating and dressing. Their dream is to open a cat cafe.


Saving money itself is not cool at all, no hobbies, no life planning, simply to save money and save money, then what is the difference between living and salted fish?

But there are dreams, pursuits, in order to pursue the desire to control their own, this is too cool, but also the most scarce young people. Ive met so many young people who look smart. Talking about saving money is like talking about the old antiques unearthed in Mawangdui. Its like a hundred and eighty thousand miles away from me. Mobile phones need to buy the latest model, running shoes need to wear limited edition, skin care needs to have a ladys brand. And money, thats all.

They have too much desire for exquisite life, but they are farther and farther away from the word exquisite.

The problem is not that they will not save money, but that they are not self-disciplined enough and have no dream of sacrificing for it.

They dont want to buy a house, but zero savings makes buying a house a mere empty talk.

They dont want to have a better life, but they spend money and energy on meaningless things. Where can they improve themselves?

A friend once and I Tucao her boss, is a modern version of the grand platform.

For this apartment, they hardly ever go to restaurants and have little entertainment on weekends. The greatest pleasure in life is to go home and look at the spacious and bright house.

She laughed and said, What do you say is the joy of such a life? Let me die rather than live like this.

But I think this person is great. If he doesnt depend on such a province, how can he live the life he wants and give himself and his family a sense of security?

I think of a girl I know who wants to learn a certain skill and aspires to become an expert. But while complaining about the high tuition fees, she never delayed buying all kinds of clothes and skin care products. For three years, life has not improved. Dreams are just words for her.

Ive talked to many people about financial freedom. How much is financial freedom? There is no standard answer.

If there is no limit, Im afraid its not enough to spend. After winning a huge lottery for a few years, people will return to poverty and even die in the streets everywhere.


Its cool to have dreams, to pursue, to control ones desires. Its also the scarcest thing for young people nowadays.

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