Look at your bills and think youre making 100,000 a month.

 Look at your bills and think youre making 100,000 a month.

In just over a year, he spent more than 50,000 yuan on taxis alone.

He was unaware that the expenditure was not small.

He observed the daily life of a couple and found that they drank a cup of coffee every morning.

If they save the money, they can even renovate the house and buy a car.

Looking back at our contemporaries, why not?

The monthly renewal of membership, movies and concerts also cost more than 3000 a year.

Everyone was surprised to find that the little money they never cared about was inadvertently emptying their wallets.

Taobao recently launched a feature that allows you to view your Taobao Achievements:

Thats how much money has been spent since the first online shopping.

As soon as this function comes out, we all regret that it is not only that we have spent so much money.

In 10 years, he spent almost all his money on the renovation of his new home.

Eight years later, he spent a good car.

Eight years later, he spent almost the down payment on a house.

Many people have heard this sentence:

Every money you spend is voting for the world you want.

But no one tells you when to enter the world.

In 2018, Chinas per capita deposit balance was less than 50,000 yuan.

Among them, 52.9% of the post-90s did not have deposits.

In the adult world, all happiness is marked with price.

Bill Gates once said that its as difficult to spend money skillfully as it is to earn it.

Those who cannot save money may not earn too little, but may have too much desire.

I used to feel that time was not enough, so Grandpa Beihai let me try to keep accounts.

I didnt understand the reason at first, but I also heard him start to write down every expense.

After a while, my dad pointed to the expenditure and said to me:

Ill take a closer look. Thats true.

For a cup of coffee, I drove an extra 10 minutes around.

In order to match a blanket for the sofa, I spent an hour surfing the Internet.

I queued for 30 minutes to wait for the restaurant. Too many desires are tied up by consumption, which consumes a lot of my time.

These little things, which are most easily overlooked, have inadvertently slowed down the progress of my life.

I often compare many things in life to eating fish.

Youll find that the easiest thing to pierce your throat is the insignificant little fish bones.

But anyone who can accomplish great things is the one who can see the little fish spine in his eyes.

Zong Qinghou, founder of Wahaha, was interviewed once.

After the host asked the question according to the procedure, he suddenly took out a bottle of mineral water and said:

Do you know how many threads are on the bottle and how many gears are on the cap?

Who would pay attention to such a meticulous place in peacetime? The audience all aroused interest and waited for Zong Qinghou to shake his head.

As a result, he just smiled and answered:

There are 8 threads and 18 gears.

The host and the audience were shocked. A chairman who managed dozens of branches and more than 20,000 people was so impressed with such trifles.

From details to success, Zong Qinghou never let go of a bottle cap and achieved his life.

Theres a story in The Easy Journey:

Birds nest in the woods, and the larger the woods are, the smaller they are.

The mole goes to the Yellow River to drink water. The wider the Yellow River is, it can only fill its stomach.

There are too many desires in this world, and our palms are too small, the tighter we hold them, the less we can grasp them.

Often the more you want, the more you will be involved in energy and forget your original intention.

If you want to be a famous writer, can you calm down and write about a cat and study the most trivial things in life every day? Lao She did it.

If you want to be a good craftsman, can you concentrate every day on practicing cutting wood and then cutting into cubes? Luban did it.

One million yuan is accumulated from one yuan. Success and morale can not be developed in a day. You have to learn to control your desires and keep your eyes on a goal to get there sooner.

The snail never underestimates every step forward, even slower, and knows:

There is a vast world ahead and a shining road behind.