Angelababys conception of fertility: Im sorry, but I cant agree with it.

 Angelababys conception of fertility: Im sorry, but I cant agree with it.

I dont think its necessary to prepare for the birth of a child. Then you can imagine that 20 years later, when my child grows up, it will certainly be able to take care of me. Its very happy to think about that.

In fact, girls dont have to think too much. If they find the right person, they can hurry to have a child, while they are young.

And she also said that not everyone becomes very uncomfortable during pregnancy, the whole process of pregnancy is still very happy.

It can be imagined that in the current social environment of fear of marriage and child-bearing, her remarks are bound to arouse controversy, or even abuse.

So, is AB wrong?

But there is a lot of room for discussion when we consider it in the general population.

The first thing we need to know is, is pregnancy really as AB said, the process is very happy?

She said that not everyone will get very hard during pregnancy, but as far as I know, in addition to the happiness of life, most people suffer at the same time, those who give birth to a child like turning right to buy a vegetable after all are very few.

Pregnancy, vomiting, pain to the waist and back, which is extremely difficult to turn over, looks good but may seriously affect the fetal movement of sleep, in order to prevent gestational diabetes mellitus and hypertension and the need to bear appetite, people suspect that life pubic symphysis separation, late because of edema and movement inconvenience four. Limbs and swollen faces.

The most frightening thing is that when you get over it step by step, you finally get into the delivery room, and you may be waiting for you.u2014u2014

Prenatal painless anesthesia is worse than finger opening, life-threatening dystocia, amniotic fluid embolism and massive hemorrhage.

Pregnancy striae, painful hemorrhoids, urinary incontinence due to pelvic floor muscle weakness after delivery, vaginal relaxation which may be unavoidable even after cesarean section, and sequelae caused by poor uterine involution.

And for breastfeeding mothers, its almost impossible to get a full nights sleep for a long time.

These are all physical pains that a woman may have to endure during childbirth.

Physical changes can lead to mental stress.u2014u2014

Fear of husbands derailment, fear of childrens pros and cons, doubt that they can not become a good enough mother, postpartum hormone levels plummet, prenatal depression and postpartum depression are in every mothers eyes.

According to the World Health Organization survey, about 70% to 80% of pregnant and childbirth women will have postpartum depression, while in China, about 1.1 million pregnant women will have different degrees of depression every year.

So I dont deny that pregnancy brings joy, but please dont hide that part of ordinary peoples unbearable pain.

In addition, there are many people who say that you may enter a widowed marriage after having children.

Take a baby, do housework, send a child to early education, vaccinate, hold a parentsmeeting, tutoring homework and so on. In many cases, only a woman may be responsible for this part of the responsibility.

But I personally dont think that we can kill the whole male group with one stick, so this part will not make arbitrary judgement.

In fact, for women in the modern workplace, becoming a mother is the most difficult thing to do, perhaps at the cost of paying for their career.

Because raising a child is a time-consuming and energy-consuming project, its really difficult for most women to find a good balance between career and family.

As a mother, she has a great opportunity to make sacrifices to varying degrees, either at the expense of opportunities that she might have seized in her career or at certain moments when she was accompanying her children.

Zhang Jiani, who seems to have countless womens dream of a happy life, also confessed in an interview:

I cried because I was afraid that my children would affect my career.

For many modern women, work is the main or even the only way they can give themselves a sense of security.

So is it really as easy and simple as AB says to have a baby?

Dont you really have to prepare too much?

I think the answer is obvious, of course not.

Because for most ordinary people, especially for ordinary women, the cost of fertility is too high.

And besides all the above, one thing you have to consider is whether you and your spouse agree on this matter before deciding to have a new life.

In other words, its useless for a person to want a child by himself. Its not a persons business to have a child.u2014u2014

Can the couples financial ability support the basic cost of a child?

Is it possible to create a living environment for children that at least does not have an irreversible negative impact on them?

Can two peoples concepts and ideological level play a positive role in their education?

Not everyone is Angelababy, nor is everyones husband Huang Xiaoming, who has such a high-income job.

So in this case, you have to ask yourself if you can try not to let economic problems affect the healthy growth of children.

Although its too realistic to say that, people may not like to listen to it, but a lot of things are supported by money. Its not that you cant have children without money, but when the material conditions cant be guaranteed, happiness will become much more difficult.

Whats more, did two people agree on the idea of raising children?

For the simplest example, if a couple is educating their children seriously, and the other is guarding them, I believe that no child can listen to the truth.

Children come to this world because of your will, so whether they can really be responsible for them is the primary consideration of whether or not children.

Finally, the last thing I disagree with about ABs conception of fertility is that she says that children can certainly take care of themselves after 20 years, and its very happy to think about it.

Because you cant even take full responsibility for your life.

So before you decide to have a baby, ask yourselfu2014u2014

Can I take on the responsibilities of being a parent? Am I mature enough to take responsibility for my life? Is it true that I am willing to bear all the risks I may suffer for the sake of reproduction? Can I accept all the difficulties I may have to face when I become a parent?

Only when your answer is yes can you really qualify for a new life.