What kind of experience is it to fall in love with a straight man?

 What kind of experience is it to fall in love with a straight man?

How to quickly distinguish whether a person likes you or not? (The most beautiful screenshot of the six messages in the background)


@ Sweet Tea: Almost every time I guess what hes going to give me, because... Hes acting too clearly...


@ Guyu: Thats it!!!!!


@ Running Flesh: My boyfriend is a straight steel man! Yesterday I went to my boyfriend by bus and got sick. Then I spit on the side of the road, and my boyfriend laughs so hard that he cant stand up... He says Im so ugly with my butt pouted! I just want to point to heaven and ask: What did I do wrong? Punish me like that! Someone elses boyfriend should give a gentle greeting.

@ Mindless and unhappy: once he broke his leg by walking and bending, he answered me 666.....................................................

@ Obsidian: Straight man of iron and steel. Ive been with my boyfriend for seven years.

So far, the quarrel is still reasoning with me, smiling manually (_)


@ Its late: One day, I was shopping with my husband. I suddenly had a whim and said to my husband: You can do anything you want to make this baby do. ~ My husband, very excited, said: So you go to eat shit??


@ Anonymous: You ask a boy like this to come out and play. He can talk about his studies all the way. He can totally ignore your coquettish behavior...

- 08-

@ Ru Xiaodi: The experience is that when we came out of the library together, I stepped on the loose well cover with my foot and stuck my arm on the ground. I didnt know what had happened. He laughed for a minute. When I responded, I began to cry. He saw me crying and laughed happier.


@ Qingshui 9: You want him to have an attitude, but hes telling you the truth.


@ Star Seven: My classmate has dysmenorrhea. A boy in her class (from our department) told her to drink more yoghurt... Really straight man of iron and steel ah, no longer less ordinary people will say that drink more hot water bar.

- 11-

@ Anonymity: Once I got angry, I said to him afterwards, after the quarrel, can you give me a step down? Im embarrassed to see you like that. Then, after two days, he made me angry again, and he gave me a step down, step down, step down! I personally drew a step and sent it to me, saying, Come down, its cold on it.

- 12-

@ Half: Maybe once I wanted to listen to his voice and let him speak in a winding voice. I refused to speak in front of him. Finally, I sent out a message and clicked on it. I was shocked when I finished listening to it.

- 13-

@ Anonymity: He wore a crotch sock and he had to think that my stockings were broken.

- 14-

@ In an era of turmoil, baa:

Me: I want to buy a clavicle chain.

Husband (with an incredible face): What kind of piercing Pipa bone? Controlling prisoners? Clavicle... Chain?


- 15-

@ Wuli Yueshima Wen:

Background (Crazy hints that boyfriends want a necklace)

After his boyfriend thought for a while, Without a throat knot, I have you or not.

After five months he finally bought me a necklace.

- 16-

@ Wang Jing:

Me: Carsick and spit out all breakfast. Eight yuan. Boyfriend: Great. Whats eight yuan for breakfast?

@ Big Bubblegum: Maybe there was a chat. A boy told me that Vimi was the secret of Vienna. I was in a good mood at that time.

- 18-

@ Next door, Wang Laoji:

Me: Husband, where is my curling stick?

- 19-

@ Anonymous:


@ Skun:

Me: What do you belong to, old man? Boyfriend: I belong to dog I: No, you belong to me - Hey hey (think you have pulled this silly dog) Boyfriend: For me, what is it? Chen Yixun Should Not Speak During the Mono Cycle

@ Bai Tao Chai Li: I went out to stay in a hotel with my boyfriend. I lay in bed waiting for him. He sat on the bed watching the NBA. You pushed him forward a little, pushed him forward a little, until he moved to the corner of the bed. The whole person sat neatly in the corner of the bed to watch the game.


@ Anonymity: I was bullied while playing online games and scolded by a dog, the big man...


- 24-



@ Yating: Maybe you can only see the last one of several messages you send.

@ Duo Duo Mu: The story of a friend dating an engineering man:



@ Ni Buhong: I and I, straight male steel, had a very good relationship with a girl in my freshman year. One day, she was walking in the playground hand in hand with her. She suddenly told me not to hold her hand. What if she could not marry??? At that time, because I was too straight man, I said to her a silent male and female tears, until the explosion words... So youre going to be a nun.


@ Mu Nanzhi: I had dinner with him that day. The buttons on the clothes I just wore were open at the back. He looked at me and glanced at me again. He said, How did you wear your clothes back? Me:...

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