Cathay Pacific stewardess shouted: to undermine the tourism industry, so that passengers dare not come back to Hong Kong

 Cathay Pacific stewardess shouted: to undermine the tourism industry, so that passengers dare not come back to Hong Kong

According to Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao, Cathay Pacific Airlines said yesterday (10) that Liao Songxian, accused of rioting, had not been assigned a flight post since July 30, 2019, nor had he carried out any missions since July 15. In addition, two employees involved in the shooting of the airlines internal booking system who leaked flight information from the police force have also been dismissed. However, Ta Kung Pao reporters on the 11th reported that even before Cathay Pacific announced the grounding of the storm, there were still Cathay Pacific flight attendants at the airport to participate in illegal gatherings.

Reported that 10 p.m., a number of stewardesses wearing Cathay Pacific uniforms to the airport lobby area B mixed among radicals. Some of Cathay Pacifics stewardesses seem to be very familiar with the radicals in harbour chaos, talking loudly from time to time, and strongly supporting, Do not paralyze the airport, people are shocked, you have to sit for three days and play as much as you can! We must destroy the tourism industry and wait for the travelers to come back to Hong Kong.

In response, industry insiders said that after the severe warning issued by the National Civil Aviation Administration, Cathay Pacific Airlines announced that the handling of three employees could only be seen as a small step in the right direction. Just before the long-term motive of the grounding storm, there were also stewardesses participating in illegal gatherings under its flag. If Cathay Pacific did not deliberately connive, that would be a major mistake in its management. In addition, Cathay Pacific Airlines has not yet made a clear response to the strike involving more than 3,000 people. Such arrogant attitude has greatly reduced the trust of the industry and the public. Whether Cathay Pacific Airlines can guarantee the highest standards of flight safety and due quality of service in the future has become a huge question mark.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Legislative Council Transport Committee, Chen Heng-ho, also said that Cathay Pacific Airlinesleaders and flight attendants participating in illegal rallies and demonstrations were not engaged in general amateur activities, but had been suspected of violating the law. If Cathay Pacific continues to ignore the interests of the general public and regards flight safety and high-quality service as a supply of political passion within the company, then it must bear the corresponding costs.

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