Two major doubts about the suicide of US billionaires Trump set fire to Clinton

 Two major doubts about the suicide of US billionaires Trump set fire to Clinton

The suspicion first appeared on 23rd last month. Epstein was found to have suspicious scars on his neck, and the prison immediately monitored him for suicide prevention throughout the day.

However, only six days later, after a simple psychological assessment, the prison was easily released from surveillance and Epstein was sent back to the special housing of the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

In addition, the evening of Epsteins death was full of coincidence.

Prisoners who had been in the same room with Epstein happened to move away for unknown reasons before the crime. Two prison guards worked overtime that night and failed to conduct the required 30-minute patrol, which ultimately led to Epsteins failure to be rescued in time.

The sudden death of Epstein made all kinds of conspiracy theories prevail because of his close ties with many politicians, high officials and even members of the Royal family.

Later, President Trump forwarded a tweet in the social media targeting former President Clinton and his wife, causing controversy. The mystery of Epsteins death escalated from peoples after-dinner conversation to a tool for American politicians to attack each other.

Epsteins sex crime case was originally scheduled for trial next year, but now the principal offender suddenly died. Victim lawyers said they would continue to pursue the criminal responsibility of accomplices in related assault cases.

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