Twelve Hours in Changan Lu Liang Becomes the Godfather of Changan Workplace

 Twelve Hours in Changan Lu Liang Becomes the Godfather of Changan Workplace

He is a virtuous official of loyalty and mutual sovereignty for thousands of years.

Changan Twelve Hours is drawing to a close. The situation of disputes among parties is very clear. The Princes Party is headed by the Prince. The right-wing faction headed by the right-wing prime minister. Many people take it for granted that Guo Lishi, who secretly helped Prince Li Bi, is undoubtedly the Prince Zi Party. But he is actually just a loyal minister who distinguishes right from wrong. The Prince Party is a little different from the Right Party. Despite the division of gangs, the Prince Party is still a courtier of the saints. When Longbo attacked the Calyx Tower, it was Guo Lishi who stood in front of the saints at all times. When the saints took a step, he followed. The people of the Prince Party are all around the saints, and where is the Right-wing Party in the crisis? Crowds of people have gone east. If Guo Lishi has his own selfishness to help the prince himself. It can only be said that he is helping his future king. For Guo Lishi, saints and princes are more important than others. There is no doubt that nature is a saint who has been with us for many years. Saints do not think of rightists and princes when they are in distress. Its Guo Lishi.

Who does he act like? Lu Liang, an artist

There is no doubt that Mr. Lv Liang created Guo Lishi, though not very many plays, but every time he appeared, the audience was amazed. Guo Lishi is also one of the few eunuchs who make audiences like him. Before that, Mr. Lu Liang also created many screen images, playing Yuan Xinhua, the father of Hu Ge in Good Time and Ji Gong in Ji Gongs Foreign Biography. Many netizens recognize Mr. Lu Liang as Xiao Shaoxing in the 1993 Legend of Xiao Shaoxing. This proves that good actors can withstand the changes of the times and go deep into the hearts of the audience. As a Grand Slam winner of the drama stage award, he was the admiration and disappointment of his brother-in-law, Professor Sereblyakov, in Uncle Vanya. Sir Wilfred, the resourceful and experienced Royal counsel in Witness of the Plaintiff. He is the son of 168 consecutive performances of Lady Left Behind. He is Gongsun Jia in Shang Yang. He is the revival of Under the eaves of Shanghai. And so on diversified roles, Teacher Lu Liang perfectly digested and integrated into their own performances. The TV drama Linglong Bureau, which Mr. Lu Liang participated in in in 2012, has been broadcasted in Youku. There are three more plays to be shown. Its worth looking forward to. Source: NetEase Entertainment Responsible Editor: Yang Ming_NV5736