Anger! Webcast abused Typhoon Victims: Death deserves it.

 Anger! Webcast abused Typhoon Victims: Death deserves it.

The announcement immediately triggered a huge controversy among netizens, who believed that Dandi Four Wheels as a network anchor with millions of fans, did not spread positive energy in the image of public figures to actively fight disasters and relief, and injured innocent victims in the vicious words of tens of thousands of live broadcasters, causing extremely bad effects.

Since then, Dandi Four Wheels did not apologize for his inappropriate remarks. YY Platform immediately blocked the anchor for disturbing the order of the platform. At present, the anchor has suspended the announcement, on the grounds that there is something at home, stop broadcasting for a few days, and did not mention or mention any inappropriate remarks on that day. Any attitude of apology.

Wenzhou Internet police said they had notified their territory.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952