When will the roaring hormone BBA domestic performance car come?

 When will the roaring hormone BBA domestic performance car come?

As the initiator of the domestic performance car market, GTI brought GTI and R32 models to the domestic market as early as 2006. However, the price of the three-door GTI model was 399,000 at that time, and the price of R32 was 520,000 at that time. Such pricing was too high for most consumers, and consumers at that time could not afford it. The limitations of the solution also lead to the low popularity of GTI and R32, after all, in 2006 hundreds of thousands of prices can buy a suite.

The following year, in order to further satisfy more paranoid consumers, the sixth generation Golf R and Shangku R were also introduced into China. The price of less than 400,000 golf is also much lower than that of R32. In addition to the car bucket chair and chrysanthemum design, 256 horsepower with four-wheel system and 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox can make the car break through 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds, which became a new favorite of domestic fans at that time.

Perhaps the success of Volkswagen has also inspired BMW, introducing M135i, the Mperformance model between Mpower and sport suite, for the first time in China in 2013. But BMW may be too confident. For more consumers, the M in front of the name of the car just means using a larger engine. The rest is not much different from the sports suite. The price of nearly 500,000 is more than 100,000 yuan more than the sports suite model, which does not reflect too much cost-effectiveness.

The lack of publicity and BMWs know-it-yourself attitude once put M135i in a very embarrassing position. Even though it was gradually changed and the price was reduced, it could also offer very attractive market preferences, which few people paid attention to. So until the shutdown, few people knew about the serious Big Back model with a 3.0T engine.

Nowadays, the 1st Series has been replaced by the forerunner platform, and M140i is destined to become a magic car of consumerspost-perception. If interested friends can read the evaluation of that year, I can say responsibly that the balance between comfort and sport of M140i is absolutely impeccable.

In contrast, the coming Mercedes-Benz A45 with AMG halo is a lot of high-profile, even if it lacks the soul of AMG, but still implement the concept of one person, one machine and the traditional apple tree logo shows that they flow pure AMG blood, and then the highly criticized 2.0T machine was sealed up under the propaganda. Table strongest 2.0T engine. The cheapest AMG model has been a hit with many halos and exaggerated suites.

While many fans were still crazy about the A45, Audi S3 also entered the market quietly. Although the price of less than 400,000 yuan had a great advantage over M140i and A45, its dealers were still not optimistic about the prospects of S3 at that time. They were even unwilling to buy from manufacturers. Later, it was rumored that the pressure from manufacturers to dealers was great, if not S3. No other popular models were available, so the S3 gradually appeared in the market.

Soon, however, Audi S3 was labeled Shell Golf R. Even though the price of S3 was a little lower than that of Golf R, it was less configurable than that of Golf R. Especially the lack of key configurations such as gear shifters made consumers less interested in S3. Dealers had to start flinging S3. Sell, I remember the cheapest time when even 350,000 consumers landed this luxury entry cannon.

The huge concessions and the potential of the EA888 engine have once made the S3 in short supply. The overwhelming heat is even stronger than the A45 at that time. Even Grandma knows that Audi has introduced a cheap and super-fast model. In fact, in recent years, the visibility of Audi S3 is very high in the 0-400 acceleration race.

So far, the domestic entry-level luxury high-performance market has been thoroughly opened under the joint efforts of A45 and S3, while BMW next door has paid more attention to the new generation of 3-series, and in 2014 brought the M235i for the domestic trolley, compared with the M235i of the same age, although the popularity of M235i is much higher than that of the M135i of the same age. Many, but at that time BMW M2 news spread more or less affecting consumersenthusiasm for M235i, and in the face of strong S3 and A45, BMWs 3.0T + rear-mover is also unable to escape the fate of crying. Dont say anything about driving pleasure, because for most consumers, pleasure is not the excitement of tail flick when turning, as long as its fast enough and explosive enough.

It was thought that the domestic performance car market would continue to develop in the current peaceful atmosphere, but a news in March broke the tranquility. At present, FAW Group, FAW-Volkswagen, Audi Company, Audi Sport Companys relevant leaders and responsible persons have jointly signed a strategic cooperation consensus, determined the establishment of the project team, and formulated a follow-up work plan, S/RS sports car system may usher in China, and will be realized as soon as 2020.

Immediately after that, AMG also brought the domestic special AMGA35L model at the Shanghai auto show in April. It is known that the AMGA35L model can be launched as soon as September, and the earlier engine is still assembled overseas.

BMW, which was once in charge of the luxury performance camp, has slowed down this time, because after all, the name of Mperformance has not yet been established in China. However, it is certain that if BMW wants to, it is not so difficult to implement domestic performance vehicles. After all, domestic X2 will come soon, and overseas X2M35i models have been released. Its just that using a SUV to compete with a steel gun looks strange.

Im sure some netizens will be skeptical about the localization of luxury performance cars, but in fact, there are not so many difficulties in the localization of luxury performance cars. Firstly, the domestic common models of several high-performance products already have very mature production experience. Secondly, Audis S series, BMWs Performance and Mercedes-Benzs AMG introductory series have not improved much compared with their top brand sports series in the ordinary version. Some technical difficulties can also be solved in the early stage by using imported parts and introducing overseas engineers, and then gradually improve the domestic rate in the later stage.

But the disadvantage is that the price of domestic models may not decrease much compared with the imported version, but I dont think its important. After all, consumers at this level prefer to see a full amount of localization rather than sad castration.

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At the end of the article, the author boldly predicts that the guided price of three luxury entry steel guns will fall in the range of 350,000-400,000. I wonder if you think this range is reasonable. For you, how much price would you consider starting?