Im only 15 years old, and thats the end of my life.

 Im only 15 years old, and thats the end of my life.

Today is World Elephant Day

Since the Industrial Society

The speed of extinction of the earths species

Its more than 1,000 times the natural extinction rate.

There are 1/8 plants, 1/4 mammals and 1/9 birds in the world.

1/5 reptiles, 1/4 amphibians and 1/3 fish

Animal protection is of great urgency

Take elephants for example, according to a survey of the documentary Black Elephant

One hundred years ago, Thailand had about 300,000 wild elephants.

By 2017, there will be only 1,500 left.

However, because of human greed, the cruel killing continues.

There is an American proverb that says:

Elephants will never forget

The pain and injury that those humans bring to them

They will be kept in mind for a lifetime.

Beginning in 2012

Every year, August 12 is designated World Elephant Day.

To call attention to elephants in distress

According to a survey released by the World Society for the Protection of Animals

Over the past three years, the number of Chinese tourists Riding Elephants in Thailand has dropped by 13%.

The number of people watching elephant shows dropped by 26%.

This is a good start.

Protecting animals is not just a slogan

We all need to take action.

Never be a bystander.

You can really save them!

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