Sugar! Zheng Kaimiaos lover is very sweet in the same frame car

 Sugar! Zheng Kaimiaos lover is very sweet in the same frame car

After that, Zheng Kais car stopped in front of the gym and assistants came to greet him. They got off one by one, and Miao Miao put on a mask. She wore very different clothes that day. The ultra-loose sportsmanship was not like a girls clothes at all, but rather like a boyfriends private clothes.

After staying in the gym for some time, Zheng Kai came out first. He managed the image of his mobile phone at the door. It took a while for Miaomiao to appear. This time, she changed into a fitted sportsmanship. The two men were still in the same boat, deliberately playing an unfamiliar play, but finally they all got on the bus when they came in.

Zheng Kai paid the parking fee with his mobile phone at the door, then returned home, and did not appear outside for a long time. Ah, dont guess. Of course, were going to spend two lives together. Theres nothing to say about the stability of love. I wish you sweet and sweet.

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