Hong Kong police water cannon truck eventually came to light and the opposition faction made trouble at the scene was angrily reprimanded by He Junyao

 Hong Kong police water cannon truck eventually came to light and the opposition faction made trouble at the scene was angrily reprimanded by He Junyao

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Hong Kong police water cannon car finally appeared! He Junyao angrily reprimanded the opposition for making trouble on the spot (Source:)

According to Hong Kong media reports, Hong Kong police demonstrated the firepower of the water cannon truck to legislators and various media who visited Hong Kong. The police used minimum firepower to maximum firepower, using water cannon devices to simulate people shooting at 20 meters, 30 meters and 40 meters away. Before the water cannon truck fires, the police will issue a radio warning in advance: Stop the impact, or the spray will disperse you, demanding that the riot crowd stop the impact, and after the warning is invalid, spray water into the lower limbs of the crowd. Hong Kong police said that the targets of the water spraying were human lower limbs, and anyone who was attacked by the water spraying would feel uncomfortable and may fall down.

In April this year, the Hong Kong Security Bureau submitted a document to the Legislative Council stating that when major casualties occur in public unrest, public and private property is seriously damaged or crowds are gathered to disrupt or illegally block traffic by occupying main roads, which has a significant impact on public order or public safety, the police will consider using water. Artillery Truck. In accordance with the procedure, the dispatch of the water cannon truck shall be approved by the Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Police Department. The use of the water sprinkler will be warned in advance and shall be discontinued as soon as the expected calming effect is achieved.

A delegate visiting today asked if chemicals harmful to human health would be added to the water cannon truck.

In this regard, the police said, water cannon truck is only one of the many military use and strategic options of the police, the police in what distance, how much water pressure to the crowd, according to the situation on the spot to decide. The police may add tear gas to the water cannon truck, but the tear gas has the same composition as the driving equipment used by the police everyday, and will not cause permanent harm to the human body.

Before todays demonstration, eight Hong Kong opposition MPs protested in front of the water cannon truck and shouted slogans. Ho Junyao, a member of the Hong Kong Constructivist Legislative Council, also visited the scene, scolded Guo Rongquan, a lawyer. I doubt you understand the law! Collaboration with the Yankees to become the walking dog of the United States, shame on you, all Chinese people are spitting on you!

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