Building the Peoples Army into a World-class Army in an All-Round Way

 Building the Peoples Army into a World-class Army in an All-Round Way

Building a strong peoples army is our partys unremitting pursuit. In each historical period, our Party has timely put forward clear objectives and requirements in accordance with the changes in the situation and tasks, leading the development of our army construction. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the goal of strengthening the Partys army in the new era is to build a peoples army with good command, winning battles and style, and to build the peoples army into a world-class army. This is to sum up the successful experience of our Party in building the army and administering the army, to adapt to the international strategic situation and the development and change of the national security environment, and to focus on solving the outstanding contradictions and problems faced by the army construction.

Consolidating national defense and strengthening the army are the strategic support for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the new era. Our country is at a critical stage of development from big to strong. It has never been near the center of the world stage before. Its prospects are very bright and the challenges are very severe. National defense and army building are the strong backing of national security, and military means are the means to realize the great dream. We should make the army stronger, so that we can have enough courage and strong backbone. We must serve the Partys historical mission, grasp the strategic needs of national security in the new era, provide strategic support for consolidating the leadership of the Communist Party of China and our socialist system, safeguard national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, expand our overseas interests, and promote world peace. It provides strategic support for development and undertakes the mission entrusted by the Party and the people in the new era.

(149) The army should look like the army. Summarizing the historical and realistic needs, the armys appearance means that the strong army has a clear goal, obeys the Partys command, can win battles, and has a good style of work. Listening to the Partys command is the soul and decides the political direction of the armys construction; winning battles is the core, reflecting the basic functions of the army and the fundamental direction of the armys construction; the fine style of work is the guarantee, which relates to the nature, purpose and nature of the army. These three points clearly define the focus and focus of strengthening the army construction, determine the direction of the armys development, and also determine the life and death of the army.

The goal of strengthening the army should be carried out throughout the whole process of all fields of army construction, so as to guide the army construction, reform and preparation for military struggle. We should closely concentrate on the goal of strengthening the armed forces and think about problems, make decisions and grasp construction. We should strive to improve strategic planning ability, real preparation ability, reform and innovation ability, scientific management ability and implementation ability, so as to promote the goal of strengthening the armed forces to take root at the grass-roots level. The officers and soldiers should bear in mind the goal of strengthening the army, firmly adhere to the belief of strengthening the army, devote themselves to the practice of strengthening the army, and strive to write a brilliant military life in the process of strengthening the army and revitalizing the army.

2. Adhere to the Partys absolute leadership over the Peoples Army

(150) The Partys absolute leadership of the Peoples Army is an important political advantage of the Party and the state, and is the foundation of building the army and the soul of strengthening the army. Our army was founded by the Party. It has been closely linked with the Party since its birth and has always been operating and fighting under the absolute leadership of the Party. Since the founding of the army, the most fundamental reason why our army has been able to maintain strong cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness, withstand various tests, and constantly move from victory to victory is the strong leadership of the Party. It is precisely because the guns and rods are always in the hands of the Party that our army has not lost its way in the long and complex struggle, and thus guarantees the long-term stability of the country. To promote the strong military industry, we must unswervingly adhere to the absolute leadership of the Party over the army and ensure that the peoples army will always follow the Party.

Adhering to the Partys absolute leadership of the army is guaranteed by a complete set of systems. The fundamental principle and system of the Partys absolute leadership over the army originated from the Nanchang Uprising, was based on the adaptation of Sanwan and finalized at the Gutian Conference. After a long period of development, its system has been perfected day by day. It has formed a system that includes upholding that the supreme leadership and command power of the army belong to the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission. The Central Military Commission implements the system of chairmans responsibility, the system of Party committee, Political Committee and political organ, the system of division of labor and responsibility under the unified collective leadership of the Party Committee and the implementation of branches. It is built on a set of system including the first class.

The responsibility system of the chairman of the Military Commission is stipulated in the Constitution and the Party Constitution, and it is the fundamental system for upholding the absolute leadership of the Party over the army. A country is more important than a soldier. The extreme importance of this system should be recognized from the perspective of the prosperity and long-term stability of the Party, the state and the army. The responsibility system of the chairman of the Military Commission solves the problem of the supreme leadership and command of our army. The Central Military Commission implements the system of chairmans responsibility, that is, the chairman of the Central Military Commission is responsible for the overall work of the Central Military Commission, leading and directing the national armed forces, and deciding on all major issues of national defense and army building.

(151) To uphold the absolute leadership of the Party over the army, first of all, the whole army should be absolutely loyal to the Party. This is a basic principle of building the Party and army by Marxism, and a profound summary of our Partys long-term experience and lessons in building and managing the army. Loyalty to the Party must be unique, thorough, unconditional, without any impurities, without any moisture. There are many points to judge whether our army is politically qualified, but in the final analysis, it depends on this one. Disloyalty to the Party is a lethal threat to the Party and the army, which must be clearly opposed. We should strengthen the identification and political investigation of loyalty, do a good job of political physical examination, prevent promotion with illness, and ensure that the gun stick is firmly in the hands of those who are absolutely loyal to the Party.

Efforts should be made to improve the political consciousness and practical ability of upholding the Partys absolute leadership over the army. Whether or not we should adhere to the Partys absolute leadership over the army has always been a focus of our struggle against various hostile forces. Our army is the army of the Party, the people and the socialist country, which is highly consistent. At present, the hostile forces are stepping up the implementation of the political genetically modified project, vigorously advocating the non-party, non-political and nationalization of the army, in an attempt to exterminate the soul of our officers and soldiers. We should carry out military spirit education in depth, occupy the armys ideological, public opinion and cultural positions with active work, ensure that the whole army remains in high consistency with the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission, and resolutely obey the command of the Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission.

3. Enhance the ability to prepare for war and fight in the new era in an all-round way

(152) The army is first and foremost a battle team. It is the duty of soldiers to fight and prepare for war. Our army is an armed group that carries out the Partys political tasks. It must be both politically strong and skilled. This skill means being able to fight and win wars. Our army has not fought a war for many years, lacks the ability to fight modern warfare, and cadres at all levels are not able to command modern warfare. These two problems still lie in front of us realistically. The whole army should take the preparation for war as its main task, firmly establish the only fundamental standard of combat effectiveness, concentrate all its efforts on fighting, and make every effort to fight, so as to ensure that the army can fight and win when it is called upon.

Strengthen the countrys armed forces and take the lead in strategy. Scientific and accurate military strategy is the greatest victory. Active defensive strategic thinking is the basic point of our Partys military strategic thinking. We should unswervingly adhere to it and enrich and improve its connotation. We should keep pace with the times and strengthen military strategic guidance, further broaden our strategic vision, renew our strategic thinking and shift the focus of guidance, unify crisis prevention, war containment and war victory, and integrate preparedness and cessation, deterrence and actual warfare, war operations and the use of military forces in peacetime as a whole. We should build a new era military strategic system, set up the new era military strategic thinking, set up the new era military strategic policy, set up the baton for war preparation, and shoulder the responsibility of preparing for war. We should strengthen the guidance of warfare and operations, solve the problems of what wars to fight and with whom in the future, grasp the laws of modern warfare and war guidance, and strive to improve the level of war guidance.

Command is a decisive factor in whether the army can fight and win. Revolutionary changes have taken place in the form and mode of modern warfare. One of the most prominent aspects is the unprecedented rise in the role of command and confrontation, which requires more and more strategic, joint, timeliness, professionalism and accuracy of operational command. We should focus on strengthening the command system and capacity-building of joint operations, adhere to the general direction of unified planning and command of joint operations, speed up the establishment of a strong and efficient command structure for joint operations, build a strategic campaign command system featuring peacetime and wartime integration, normal operation, exclusive operation, and capable and efficient operation, and improve the linkage based on network information system. Cooperative warfare capability and global warfare capability.

Military struggle preparation is the basic practical activity of the army and an important guarantee for maintaining peace, containing crises and winning wars. It is the dialectics of war and peace that we can stop fighting only if we are ready to fight, and the less we can fight, the more likely we will be beaten. We should adhere to the leading position of preparations for military struggle, take the national core security needs as the guide, advance preparations for military struggle with the standard of war, and comprehensively improve our deterrence and combat capability. We should be ready to fight hard battles at any time, base ourselves on the most difficult and complex situations, strengthen the preparations for military struggles in all fields, and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the preparations for military struggles. We should put the preparations for the military struggle against terrorism in a strategic position, grasp them firmly and firmly safeguard the overall social stability.

Fighting is tough and training must be solid. Military training is actually a preview of future war and an important way to improve the actual combat ability. We should firmly put military training at the strategic position and take it as the central task, strengthen the unified thought of military training, train the troops strictly from the practical needs, persist in fighting as hard as we can, train as hard as we need in fighting, and specialize in what the army lacks most. Training style is not responsible for the lives of officers and soldiers and for future wars. We should further rectify the style of training, acting and examinations, and resolutely abandon the bad habit of training for seeing and acting for seeing.

(153) The process of modernization of national defense and the army must be adapted to the process of national modernization, and military capabilities must be adapted to the strategic needs of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made strategic arrangements for the modernization of national defense and the army, emphasizing the need to ensure the basic realization of mechanization by the year 2002, significant progress has been made in the construction of information technology, and a great improvement in strategic capabilities. It strives to basically realize the modernization of national defense and the army by the year 2035, and to fully build the peoples army by the middle of this century. World-class army.

The modernization of national defense and army is a systematic project. We must persist in political army building, reforming and strengthening the army, invigorating the army by science and technology and administering the army according to law, pay more attention to focusing on actual combat, paying more attention to innovation drive, paying more attention to system construction, paying more attention to intensive, efficient and civil-military integration, and strive to build a command system for joint operations, a new military management system and a modern military force system. New military training system, new military personnel system, national defense science and technology innovation system, modern military policy system and civil-military integration development system.

Political army building is the foundation of our army building. In the long-term practice, the implementation of revolutionary political work ensures that our army is always a revolutionary army under the absolute leadership of the Party, provides an inexhaustible force for our army to overcome the powerful enemy and difficulties and obstacles, and keeps the nature and style of the peoples army. We should give full play to the lifeline role of political work, firmly establish ideals and beliefs, party spirit principles, combat effectiveness standards and prestige of political work in the army, train revolutionary soldiers with soul, ability, blood and moral character in the new era, and forge revolutionary soldiers with iron general beliefs, iron general beliefs, iron general discipline and iron general responsibility. Excellent troops. Maintain the momentum and strength of political training, focus on rectifying ideas, personnel, organization and discipline, and deepen the armys style building and anti-corruption struggle. In the new era, we should comprehensively strengthen the Partys leadership and Party building, forge strong Party organizations, forge high-quality cadres and talents who can take on the heavy responsibility of strengthening the army, and transform the political and organizational advantages of the Party into winning advantages.

Deepening the reform of national defense and the army is to design and shape the future of the army. Our army has come to the present through reform and innovation, and it has to win the future through reform and innovation. Facing the long-term institutional obstacles, structural contradictions and policy problems that restrict the building of national defense and the army, without reform, comprehensive reform and thorough reform, our army will not be able to fight or win a war. We must carry out the strategy of reforming and strengthening the army in an all-round way, improve and develop the socialist military system with Chinese characteristics, and speed up the construction of a modern military force system with Chinese characteristics that can win the information war and effectively fulfill its mission. In accordance with the general principles of the Military Commission in charge of general affairs, main battles in war zones and major construction of military services, we should promote the reform of the leadership and command system, establish the operational command system of the Central Military Commission-theatre-army, and the leadership and management system of the Central Military Commission-army categories-army, so as to realize the historic transformation of the military organizational structure. Promote the reform of scale structure and strength composition, change the long-standing military and territorial defensive force structure and force distribution, build a strong modern army, navy, air force, rocket army, strategic support force, joint logistics support force and armed police force, and build a modern military force system with Chinese characteristics. We should systematically and thoroughly reform the military policy system, deepen the reform of the party building system in the army, innovate the policy system for the use of military forces, reshape the policy system for the construction of military forces, reform the policy system for military management, and establish and improve the socialist military policy system with Chinese characteristics.

Science and technology are the core combat effectiveness and the most active and revolutionary factor in military development. Never has science and technology affected the overall situation of national security and military strategy as profoundly as it does today, nor has it affected our armys construction and development as profoundly as it does today. We must implement the strategy of rejuvenating the army by science and technology in an all-round way, insist on fighting effectiveness for scientific and technological innovation, rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation to turn our military construction mode and combat effectiveness generation mode into the track of innovation-driven development, and strive to build our army into an innovative peoples army. We must adhere to the strategic basis of independent innovation, accelerate the development of strategic, cutting-edge and subversive technologies, and accelerate the development of military intelligence. Strengthen strategic management, improve operational efficiency of military system and quality benefit of military construction.

The rule of law is a distinct feature of the modern army. A modern army must be the army ruled by law. We should further promote the rule of law and strictly administer the army, strengthen the rule of law belief and thinking of the whole army, speed up the construction and improvement of the military rule of law system with Chinese characteristics, promote the fundamental transformation of the way of administering the army, and improve the level of legalization of national defense and army construction. We should adhere to the principle of strict handwriting and strictly follow through. We should make great efforts to control loosening, dispersing, weakness and softness. We should also open up all imprecise and unreliable problems to ensure that orders are enforced and prohibitions are prohibited.

5. Building an integrated national strategic system and capabilities

(154) Powers are often the result of economic and military interaction. Economic construction is the basic support of national defense construction. National defense construction is the strategic task of Chinas modernization construction. National defense strength should be matched with economic strength. Otherwise, it can not provide strong security for economic and social development. We must give consideration to both development and security in the overall national strategy, coordinate economic construction and national defense construction scientifically, and promote civil-military integration in a wider scope, at a higher level and to a deeper extent. This is conducive to promoting the transformation of the mode of economic development and economic restructuring, and to enhancing the national war potential and national defense strength.

The development of civil-military integration is an act of rejuvenating the country and a policy of strengthening the army. The goal is to build an integrated national strategic system and capacity, and gradually realize the integration of strategic layout, strategic resources and strategic forces in all areas of the country. We should make civil-military integration better and faster, establish unified leadership, military-civilian coordination, demand docking and resource sharing mechanisms to promote the development of civil-military integration at the national level, improve the organizational management system, operational system and policy system of civil-military integration, and form an all-factor, multi-field and highly effective civil-military integration system. Fusion depth development pattern. The army should be good at utilizing all the high-quality resources and advanced achievements of society, and integrate national defense and army construction into the economic and social development system. Local governments should pay attention to the implementation of national defense needs in economic construction and consciously integrate the adjustment of economic layout with the improvement of national defense layout.

Civil-military integration involves a wide range of fields, a wide range of contents, so we must focus on key areas and build leading projects and high-quality projects of civil-military integration. Infrastructure construction, defense science and technology industry, weapons and equipment procurement, personnel training, socialization of military support and other fields have great potential for civil-military integration. We should make good use of the stock resources and optimize the allocation of incremental resources. Focusing on seeking new strategic competitive advantages, promoting integration from traditional areas to emerging areas, improving core competitiveness in ocean, space, Internet, biology, new energy and other fields, and forming a multi-dimensional, coordinated and leapfrog development layout in emerging areas.

Our army is the peoples army, and our national defense is the national defense. It is necessary to strengthen national defense education, enhance the national defense concept of the whole people, and make caring for national defense, loving national defense, building national defense and defending national defense become the ideological consensus and conscious action of the whole society. We will improve the national defense mobilization system, strive to build a strong and stable modern border air defense, and enhance the national defense potential to win future wars. Military-political, military-civilian unity is an important political guarantee to achieve the unity of a rich country and a strong army. We should vigorously carry forward the glorious tradition of loving the people and supporting the army by the people, and constantly develop the rock-solid military-government relations between the army and the people so as to unite strong forces for the realization of the dream of strengthening the army in China.