Undercover Rapid Arrest of Demonstrators Port Police: Intelligence-led Action by Police

 Undercover Rapid Arrest of Demonstrators Port Police: Intelligence-led Action by Police

Some media reported earlier that on the evening of November, when the illegal demonstration was cleared by Causeway Bay police, plain-clothes policemen dressed like black people were suspected of arresting the demonstrators quickly among the demonstrators. According to Hong Kongs Sing Tao Daily, Deng Bingqiang, deputy director of the Hong Kong Police Department, told a news conference on the afternoon of December 12 that the police would conduct intelligence-led operations to disguise themselves as different people against violent demonstrators. However, it will ensure that police officers will not provoke incidents on their own initiative, will not violate any laws and regulations, and will comply with the guidelines.

Reported that when asked why they sent undercover, Deng Bingqiang said it was not easy to arrest the core violent demonstrators. He also said that if the target is ordinary demonstrators who do not need to send undercover, but the other party is the core violent demonstrators, will use lethal weapons.

To some journalists who questioned the police officers lack of identification, Deng Bingqiang said that, in practical cases, police officers would produce a certificate of appointment in the performance of their duties, but only in some cases, including the inconvenience of showing when arresting is being made, and they would be inspected in the future.

Global Times - Global Network reporters noted that at the press conference scene, some journalists have been accusing the Hong Kong police of using undercover to provoke conflicts, and some foreign media reporters produced so-called evidence that there were pictures of undercover police playing the black man, provoking conflicts and creating confusion. Deng Bingqiang said the charges were not true. Global Times - Global Network reporters feel that these reporters came with the resentment and anger of the demonstrators and did not give the police a chance to make a complete statement at all, as if it was no longer a press conference, but a charge against the General Assembly.

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