Experience of seawater disaster: 200 kg body weight in person to press the car afraid of being washed away

 Experience of seawater disaster: 200 kg body weight in person to press the car afraid of being washed away

The landing of Typhoon Lichma in Beijing News has made Linhai City in Zhejiang Province a water city in a short time. Citizen Bao told the Beijing News that he feared that his car would be washed away and slept on it all night when the flood flooded downtown.

Linhai City was badly hit by the disaster. Vehicles parked one after another in high places to take refuge. Respondents Map

The Beijing News reported earlier that in the early morning of August 10, this years super typhoon No. 9 landed in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Linhai, as a county-level city under Taizhou, failed to escape the disaster. Taizhou City Gate lost river water across the road and poured into the city. In a short period of two or three hours, the water level in the serious section of the city reached the breast of adults, and the first floor of the residential building outside the city wall was completely submerged.

Mr. Citizen Bao lives near Yintai City, Linhai. He usually drives an online car for a living. He recalled that on the afternoon of August 11, the water in the city began to spread to the doorway of their community. He saw in his circle of friends that two kilometers away from his community in Taizhou City had been flooded, and washing machines in some residentshomes had been washed onto the road. There are also cars in the city that have been washed over by floods.

Seeing that water began to accumulate at the entrance of our community, I rushed downstairs to prepare to drive up. Mr. Bao said that the terrain on the other side of their community was relatively high in Linhai itself. When he drove downstairs, he found that many cars had been driven from low-lying areas to their side, and his car could not be moved at all.

Head to tail, my car is parked on the slope, half of the rear wheels are in the water, in order to prevent the car from being washed away by water, I sit on the pressure car. I weigh nearly 200 kilograms. If the car is washed away, my job will be gone. From the afternoon of August 10 to the morning of August 11, Mr. Bao stayed in the car until the water receded.

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