Porsche Female Car Owner Apologies: Blackened Chongqing People by Speaking Facelessly

 Porsche Female Car Owner Apologies: Blackened Chongqing People by Speaking Facelessly

According to CCTV News Client News, Chongqing Public Security Bureau today issued a letter of apology to the female owner of Porsche in northern Chongqing, which reads as follows:

On July 30, I had a dispute with others and cursed people. In the past, because of arrogance, fierce personality and strong vanity, many irresponsible remarks were made in order to save face, which caused serious psychological burden and injury to husbands, daughters and family members, and discredited the people of northern Chongqing and Chongqing, resulting in serious negative effects. I feel deeply guilty and regretful about this.

Here, I solemnly say Im sorry, and deeply apologize to you. In the future, I will correct my shortcomings in life and be a law-abiding citizen. I hope you will give me the opportunity to change, and invite the general public to supervise.

Im sorry!

Apologizer Li Yue

12 August 2019

The Husband, Director of Porsche Car Owners in Chongqing, was found out by the families of the couples who filed the case.

Recently, the traffic violation dispute of Porsche female car owners in northern Chongqing has aroused public concern. Netizens questioned the background of Li Yues family, income sources and traffic violation treatment of female car owners. Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to it and instructs Yubei District Public Security Bureau to set up an investigation team to conduct in-depth investigation. The Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Municipal Discipline Commission in the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the on-the-spot supervision of the supervision, legal system, traffic and patrol police, economic investigation and other police departments of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, as well as the supervision of the Discipline Commission and the Political and Legal Committee of the District Committee of Yubei District. In line with the attitude of being highly responsible to the facts, the public and the parties concerned, Li Yue and her husband Tong Xiaohua, director of the Shichuan Police Station of the Yubei District Public Security Bureau, were investigated in accordance with the law, discipline and seeking truth from facts.