Baby elevator was grabbed by many people? Police: couples fighting for custody rights

 Baby elevator was grabbed by many people? Police: couples fighting for custody rights

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A couple of men and women robbed the infant police in an elevator in a small district of Wuhan: The child safety is under investigation (source:)

Xinjing News Today (August 12), Xinjing News reporter learned from Wuhan Shenlong Police Station that at 12:00 on August 11, a baby was taken away from the elevator in Xianglong Times Mansion District, Caidian District, Wuhan City. The two parties in the dispute are husband and wife, and are fighting for the right to support their children.

Video surveillance screen in power generation elevator. Source: Network Video Screenshots

Video shows that at 12:00 hours on August 11, a dispute broke out among many people in a small elevator. A man and a woman took a baby from a baby carriage. Three women on the other side tried to stop the two mens behavior, but failed to stop it. The man and woman took the baby away from the elevator.

This afternoon, a citizen of the Shenlong police station in Wuhan warned reporters in Beijing News that one of the two men who carried out the act of taking away the baby was under the control of the police and did not give up the whereabouts of the baby.

A Xie surnamed Min of Shenlong Police Station in Wuhan warned against a reporter from Beijing News that the incident belonged to family disputes and that the two parties involved in the disputes were husband-wife relations. One of the two people who carried the baby away was the father of the baby. The mother of the baby tried to stop the holding but failed. At present, the elevator robs the baby online is false news, and the incident is still under further investigation.

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