Has the Lonely Library survived the typhoon-induced sea storms and waves?

 Has the Lonely Library survived the typhoon-induced sea storms and waves?

New Beijing News was affected by the air flow around typhoon Lichma. On August 12, the reporter learned from the video cameraman and the Propaganda Department of Beidaihe New District Management Committee that the local rainfall and wind in Beidaihe are still very strong. Up to the press release, on the Anaya beach in Beidaihe New District of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, Lonely Library around the building. On the basis of putting sandbags in the yard yesterday, sandbags were added to prevent the wind and waves from invading. The building is safe and sound at present. The Propaganda Department of the Beidaihe New District Management Committee of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, told reporters that the Anaya beach had been closed due to the weather.

Yesterday morning, several videos attracted much attention and worried many tourists and local owners who loved lonely libraries. The video was shot at the lonely library on the Anaya beach in Beidaihe and the Anaya Sea Auditorium. The Anaya Sea Auditorium in the video has been completely submerged in the sea water. The wind helps the waves and rolls toward the auditorium layer by layer. The sea water even reaches the stairway towards the beach. There are still many tourists in and out of the auditorium. On the side of the lonely library near the sea, a excavator is driving at full speed, digging sand, and staff wearing lake blue overalls are busy bagging the dug sand, which is coded on the outside wall of the library to withstand the rising waves.

The lonely library is affected by the typhoon, and the flood season, the water is very big. The waves hit the glass of the lonely library directly. For safety, the lonely library is surrounded by sandbags. The person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Beidaihe New District Administrative Committee told the Beijing News. Now the water is no longer available. The library was not damaged, nor was the Anaya auditorium affected by the storm.

The flooded pavement. Respondents Map

According to the introduction of Anayas website, the Lonely Library is called Sanlian Seaside Public Welfare Library, which is built on the Anaya beach and is a double-decker seaside Public Welfare Library. Because of its concise and graceful shape and its solitary presence at the seaside, it is a well-known net-red building in the area. Many tourists will come here to take pictures and punch cards.

Todays Anaya Beach. Respondents Map

The reporter contacted the person who shot the uploaded video, and the reporter learned from the person, Yesterday afternoon, the scene was windy, about 7 p.m., and was catching up with the rising tide. At that time, there were more than ten people carrying sandbags at the scene, and built a sandbag wall about 1.2 meters around the lonely library. Today, the waves are still very big. At one time, the tide went down 5 or 6 meters. At the time of high tide, the sea water came up again with the help of the wind. At present, the library has been temporarily closed.

The reporter learned on the official website of Hebei Meteorological Observatory that Qinhuangdao Meteorological Observatory continued to issue typhoon yellow warning signal at 8:00 on August 12, and launched storm surge emergency plan along the coast. Early warning shows that due to the influence of the peripheral airflow of Typhoon No. 9 Lichma, it is expected that there will be northeast wind 8-9, gust 10-11, inland wind 6-7 and gust 8-9 in Qinhuangdao sea area from daytime to night.

Guo Shaoxin, Anaya Brand Director, told reporters, Yesterday after the rain, the wooden trestle in the park was submerged by sea water. The beach washed up a large number of floating balls and other debris, and the park arranged on duty 24 hours to clean up. Before the rain, the park made relevant plans, security, housekeepers timely check the owners house leakage, drying goods, in the owners Wechat group to make a reminder. On rainy days, if the old and children are not able to travel, they will deliver meals to their homes.

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