He loves you as much as he is coquettish.

 He loves you as much as he is coquettish.

Someone said, Let him eat. Hes playing with his cell phone. He opens his eyes piteously and says he doesnt want to eat. Then I feed him;

Someone said, One time he hurt him in the face of a disturbance, so he sat directly at my feet, hugged my leg and began to hum and haw, then suddenly looked at me silently for three seconds and said, kiss me;

Others said, Playing outside together, my boyfriend drank too much, and told me I drank too much. Im sorry to come home at night and bother you to take care of me for a while.


This kind of lemon love instantly aroused everyones crazy jealousy, and the commentary area was also a lament:

Why do I always look at these things to sour myself?

Where can I find such a boyfriend? Give me a dozen!

Its too sweet for a coquettish boy and wife!

Before meeting love, every girl has a hero who will step on the colorful clouds to marry herself.

But after encountering love, I found that most people are ordinary people with fireworks.

Life is so bitter that it needs a little sweetness.

In love, its the sweetest and most interesting to be with a coquettish man.

A coquettish man knows how to love you

People who love each other are both armor and weakness. They dont need to be strong in front of each other.

The person who loves you will stand by you steadfastly even if the whole world is against you.

In peoples eyes, Du Haitao is a man full of laughter, and can give guests in a timely manner.

But in front of Shen Mengchen, he will become a coquettish boy.

In DaughtersLove, the little things they get along with touch everyones heart.

Shen Mengchen was blackened on the internet, but his heart ached but he was powerless, but he would cry and act like a spoiler and say, My dear, I miss you. I think everybody is kind to you, everybody is kind to you, and I hope everybody is better to you.

He is neither cowardly nor mother.

He just sees through the most vulnerable place in your heart, loves you, loves you and relies on you.

Coquettish men know how to show weakness

Some people say that after a period of time, it is easy to change from romance and sweetness to firewood, rice, oil and salt to chicken feathers.

When confronted with a quarrel, some men choose to be tough, which leads to the exhaustion of love.

The man who will be coquettish will choose to show his weakness in time to save the other sides broken heart.

Hu Keshayi has been married for eight years and has never had a big quarrel. Every time Hu Keshayis mood is about to erupt, he will be weakened by Shayis coquetry.

Youre on the Way, the program asked each star couple to be tied together by a pink ribbon symbolizing love.

She asked aloud, Doesnt it mean to follow me all the time? What does it mean to cut the ribbon?

He found that he had made a mistake, and immediately showed his weakness and took the initiative to recover the situation. He said, This rope means our marriage and our love. I want to hold my love firmly. The wife is the most important thing. Successfully made her laugh.

Ultimately, its just a word of love.

And men who run marriages with love never regard coquettishness as resentment.

A coquettish man will make you a child again

They all say that coquettish women are the best fate, but in my opinion, this sentence also applies to men.

Chen Jianbin, as a Post-70s artist, is recognized as an old artist in the circle, but in front of his wife, he still looks like a spoiled child.

In the Trio of Happiness, the interaction between them is different from that between young couples, but with a quiet sense of wit and a little warmth after emotional precipitation.

When buying vegetables, he will coquettishly say that carrots are carrots, so he should handle them lightly and make his wife smile.

When asked by his wife to drive away the bees, he would whistle while shouting go out, and eventually look for his wife in a coquettish way to receive praise.

Like a naive old naughty child, every word and deed reveals full tenderness and love for his wife.

Good love is to let both of them be children.

And only those who love you and care about you will be childish and spoiled with you, and only then will you and I chat with you one sentence at a time.

Huang Lei once said such a sentence in If You Are the One:

Men should not be too strong. Sometimes its good to be coquettish. Learn to show weakness, do wrong by coquettish way to admit their shortcomings, I often coquettish to his wife to admit their mistakes.

Every relationship is inevitably contaminated with the triviality of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

And the matter of coquettish and soft clothes is also a simple matter in the feelings.

When he loves you enough, he will care about your emotions, understand your feelings, and show his softness.

So for the rest of your life, please marry the boyish man who is willing to spoil you, love you and be with you.