Strong Dialogue The Third Week of the Summer Elite Competition of 201IVC is over

 Strong Dialogue The Third Week of the Summer Elite Competition of 201IVC is over

Group C Integral

In Group D, the Gr team played well. After winning two consecutive games against KAK team on the second match day, the XGI team won the first place in the stable group by a small game score of two wins and one draw on the third match day. The same group of Mrc team also played well, the first day of the game that beat XGI team by 5:3 And 8:1 points, currently ranked second in the group. The KAK and XGI teams did not perform well, with three or four tentative teams.

Group D Integral

Now lets review the wonderful moments of next weeks game!

The vanguards intent to start the collision failed, and the supervisor spider made a series of attacks to complete the four killings

This week, Gaoguang Supervisor played the role of Supervisor Spider in the first half of the second game between Gr and KAK on the second match day. In the competition, in the face of the key role of the early rescue position - the forward, the spider was not restrained by it, but in the opening hit, the transmission turning point directly knocked down the prospector and the forward two survivors. In the face of the prophets who came to rescue, spiders still did not hesitate to catch up with the prophets and knock them down in time. Then the spider tracked down the prospector who was about to flee on the roller coaster with keen judgement and gave a beautiful fear shock. At this time, only one cipher machine was decoded, and three members of the survivor lost their mobility. The spider, the supervisor played by Gr and Pipi Limit, completely controlled the rhythm of the game. Finally, the remaining survivors incapacitators were unable to continue deciphering the cipher machine, spiders also decisively weave webs to speed up the crossing of the river, threading successively in the board area to knock down the magician, successfully eliminating four survivors, to get the key 5 points for the Gr team.

Faced with the strikers who came to rescue, the spider threw out fear and awe directly.

On the first day of the week, XGI team played well against Mrc team in the first half of the second game. The survivor team consisted of Mrc, Xia, a dancer played by Mrc, a magician played by Mrc, Meck, a striker played by Mrc, Kameng and a perfumer played by Mrc, a phantom fairy, played a good role in the face of XGI and Joseph as the supervisor. Jack relies on tacit team cooperation to successfully complete the escape.

Dancers use duet characteristics to flexibly restrain regulators

So far, the third week of the 201IVC Summer Elite Competition is over, and the fierce competition of strong-strong dialogue makes the whole competition process very exciting. Next week (July 26), we will continue to face the strong competition between Group C and Group D. Can the top-ranking team continue to be in excellent condition, and can the backward team feel painful to complete the counter-attack? IVC will continue next week. Lets look forward to it!

Preview of next weeks game

On the Fifth Personality

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The Fifth Personality Elite Competition (IVC) is a top-level event held by the Fifth Personality Game for anchors and high-level games on various platforms. It is divided into two sessions each year: the Summer Elite Competition and the Winter Elite Competition. The Summer Elite Competition is held from July to August, and the Winter Elite Competition is held from November to December. Eventually, 16 teams will participate in each elite competition through selection, and compete for the glory of elite championship and rich prize money. At the same time, elite champions will also have the chance to advance to the fifth personality annual global finals (COA).

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