Longyin Oriental Rejuvenation Bright View of the Annual Conference of 2019 Dahua Tour to the West

 Longyin Oriental Rejuvenation Bright View of the Annual Conference of 2019 Dahua Tour to the West

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Dragon Yin East! Dahua 2-Handed Tour of Dragon Ethnic Group on Aug. 15 All Platform Public Survey (Source: Netease)

Blockbuster expansion is about to go online to open the era of big talk PVP

At the strategic conference, the Dahua Development Group also brought the news of the new blockbuster documentary The Ancient City of Xiuluo in the second half of the year. The content of the expansion will include a special single-player PVP game, emphasizing randomness and the fun of assembly. At the same time, it will also include team PK playing method to provide more playability for the players who like PVP. With the formal participation of the Dragon Nationality, it can be predicted that there will be more new strategies and combinations in PVP, and who can finally laugh at the ancient city of Aoxueluo, which is expected.

Old Players The second season of Youth released the theme song You Have a Life by Hessa.

After 17 years of youth together, the big talk cherishes the players as always. At the press conference, the official announced that the microfilm Youth of the Second Season of Old Players You produced by the big talk will be released synchronously. This is a three-episode micro-film about the feelings of the players in Dahua Journey to the West. It is still adapted from the true story of Dahua players. In the three episodes, it tells the love, friendship and friendship of the players in those years.

At the same time, the scene is full of Xian characteristics of the Hessa band to help, Hessa band has always been Shaanxi dialect of the Hep-Hop fusion of a variety of musical elements of the style loved by fans, in the summer fever variety Band Summer also has a good performance. In this performance, they re-deduced the classic song Life with You in their own way. With this single, they took you into the tunnel of time and recalled those unforgettable love stories of youth.

Cartoon Talk of Youth Tour to re-expose the new materials, feelings and loyalty of the production plan waiting for you to participate

Carefully polished for four years, the first game adaptation animation series Dahua Youth Tour, which is highly anticipated by big-talk players, also exposed the latest clips at the conference. The Youth Tour of Talk is elaborately polished by the top production team in China. It tells the love stories of the free life and swordsman in a warm-blooded and relaxed way. Animation into a large number of traditional culture elements, players familiar with the big talk scene, the game encounter NPC will also appear in the film.

Made in China! Players love to shine the spotlight on the national wind

Chinese style has been the persistence of Dahua for seventeen years. Xu Qian, senior marketing director of Netease Game at the press conference officially put forward the brand proposition of Dahua: Guofeng Dahua, Made in China! In April this year, Dahua cooperated with Xian Stele Forest Museum and launched the Renaissance Plan of Chinese Characters in combination with game fashion and literary creation, which set off a national wave among the players. Next, Dahua will continue to work with Chengdu Museum, Dunhuang Museum and the quintessential Peking Opera to pass on the ancient shadow play, Feitian murals and Peking Opera through games. Give it to more players.

In addition to continuing to take traditional culture as the backbone, innovation and interaction as the skin, inheriting the national style in film, television, animation, literature and other fields, and using big talk as a cursor pole made in China, this year will also unite more excellent national brands to create more cross-border Made in China for you.

Big Talk, Double Emergence Circle Program, Dragon Ethnic Character Initiation

Time flies. This year has been the seventeenth year of Dahuas western tour of IP. The friendship has remained unchanged for seventeen years. Guofeng Dahua upholds the ingenuity of loving games and patriotism and keeps innovating, so as to make Dahuas western tour of this classic country to create IP go further and keep company with you all the time. And the Big Talk Journey to the West Tour will soon usher in its fourth birthday. In 2019, with the addition of the new race, the Dragon Nationality, the big talk will bring more surprises to all players. We will look forward to it together!