Xiao Wei: Because of his back injury, he suffered from muscle spasm and could not even sleep.

 Xiao Wei: Because of his back injury, he suffered from muscle spasm and could not even sleep.

Xiaowei told reporters that the problem of back injuries was caused by three sets of bitter struggle between the semi-final and qualifying black horse Buzkova. She experienced painful back spasms in that game, but managed to overcome the pain and finally won 1-66-36-3.

But in the next few hours, Xiao Wei revealed that the injury was getting worse and worse. Xiaowei told reporters at a post-match press conference: Yesterday, there were injuries, and then things got worse and worse. I had muscle spasms all over my back, even to the point where I couldnt sleep or move. So I just think about how to play without turning around.

In four games on Sunday, the three Champions tried to find the answer and fight hard. She played two aces in the game and took the next serve. But her serve was also affected by back spasm: she faced break points in both sets, with only 39% of the first serve scoring rate and a break.

Its hard for me to serve. I mean, although I can move, I still need to use my upper body, Xiao Wei said. No problem with the lower half, but I cant do anything with the upper half.

I spent a lot of time before the game. So I already know Im going to have a hard time going on.

If he had more time to recuperate, Xiaowei might be able to recover better. But on the WTA Tour, the competition usually lasts for several days without giving her enough time to rest and recover.

This is the most frustrating part, she said. Ive experienced a similar injury, a crazy spasm like this, but its gone 24, 36 hours later. So todays situation is a bit frustrating, because I know I may be able to play. But not today.

I tried different treatments. And a days rest. But obviously, time is still not enough for me to recover.

Despite the pain and difficulty in getting out of bed, the 23-time Grand Slam champion still wants to fight hard in front of fans.

But Ive reached the final. Ill at least try and see if theres any miracle. Ill regret it if I dont play.

Before the game began, Anderscu and Xiaowei expressed their expectations for the old-new match.

After seeing Xiao Wei was forced to retire due to injury, Anderscu came to Xiao Wei and squatted down beside him and said some encouraging words, which made Xiao Wei very grateful.

I just felt sad, but her actions made me feel much better. Xiao Wei said Anderscu had a sophisticated soul: Shes only 19 years old, but shes definitely not acting like shes only 19 years old. What she said, the game and attitude on the court, her attitude, her performance... She has a very attractive personality.

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