Its not so easy for Chinese mens volleyball team to invite a foreign teacher to improve their Olympic ticket strength.

 Its not so easy for Chinese mens volleyball team to invite a foreign teacher to improve their Olympic ticket strength.

In terms of team strength, such a result seems acceptable, but in the game, the Chinese mens volleyball team is not without opportunities - the last two games lost to Canada and Argentina, the team struggled to the last moment.

But the Chinese mens volleyball team is always in a bad mood. If we want to break through in the following losing competitions, foreign teacher Lossano still has more work to do.

Struggle hard, but still no miracle.

It is not difficult for Chinese mens volleyball team to get Olympic tickets in Ningbo Olympic qualifying match.

Finland, Canada and Argentina are in the same group as China, and they are stronger than China. But in the course of the competition, the Chinese mens volleyball teams young men also once struggled for the dawn of hope.

In the first match against Finland, the Chinese team won the Olympic qualifying competition by 3 to 1 rivals. In the match, Jiangchuan, Zhang Zhejia, Liu Libin and other players all showed excellent performances.

After the match, Jiang Chuan said that the match gave the team confidence, We should continue to maintain this strong fighting spirit in the future. In the next two matches, the Chinese mens volleyball team did show a good mental state.

Because of the typhoon in Zhejiang Province on the two days of the match, the number of spectators who came to watch the match was much less than expected, and the power of the home court was discounted. Even so, the Chinese mens volleyball team still reached the match point in the second match against Canada and won the first game against Argentina, the strongest team.

However, in the key points performance, once again let the team regret the loss. In the second game against Canada, the team surrendered the victory with two hands holding the match points. In the first game against Argentina, the team also failed to withstand the pressure, losing two games in succession in the next game and losing the hope of promotion.

Having missed the first chance to get tickets for the Olympics, the Chinese mens volleyball team can only hope to compete in the Asian qualifying competition at the beginning of next year, when another Olympic seat will be created.

However, for the team, it is not easy to break through from the Asian region. Teams such as the Iranian Mens Volleyball Team will be powerful rivals.

The foreign teachersleadership has not shown qualitative change in two years.

In fact, due to the gap in strength, before taking the lead, Argentine coach Raul Lossano of the Chinese mens volleyball team also appeared very low-key, just indicating that the team would strive to get close to the goal.

Eventually, many people expected that they would miss the first place in the team, but even so, the Chinese volleyball audience would still be disappointed.

Indeed, the Chinese mens volleyball team also encountered some objective difficulties. In addition to the impact of typhoon, Dai Qingyao, the main attacker before the game, was not on the list because of acute gastroenteritis, which also had a certain impact on the teams tactics.

For coach Lossano, the qualification for the Tokyo Olympic Games will be the most important criterion to evaluate his success in coaching. Now he has missed the first chance to lead the team in the Asian Qualification Competition early next year.

If he cant accomplish his goal by then, Im afraid hell have to leave class.

In fact, as the first foreign teacher in the history of Chinese mens volleyball team, Raul Lossano has received considerable expectations from the outside world. The first time he led Iranian mens volleyball team to the Olympic Games was one of his greatest achievements in his coaching career.

But since he took office in April 2017, Chinese mens volleyball team has hardly achieved much. It won only the 6th Asian Championship in 2017 and the 21st World Championship in 2018. This year, the World Mens Volleyball League has suffered 15 battles and 14 losses.

Our opponents discriminatory action leads to controversy. We need to improve ourselves even more.

After the qualifying competition of the Olympic Games, there was a storm.

Argentinas mens volleyball player, Conti, who had previously played in the Chinese Volleyball League, and Perea, No. 2, made a hand-in-hand gesture of discrimination against Asians when they were photographed for celebration after they were qualified for the Olympic Games.

After the event, Konty said that he did not mean to discriminate, but was imitating the Japanese Damowa (props for the post-match photo), but it is still difficult to dispel outside doubts about him.

For Chinese audiences, it is undoubtedly very heartfelt to see such scenes. But so far, the Argentine Volleyball Association has not yet made an official response to this.

For the Chinese mens volleyball team, the most important thing at present is still to strive to improve themselves and strive to win the Olympic qualification in the losing contest.

In fact, in the past history, Chinese mens volleyball team has never been able to break through the qualifications of the Olympic Games. After entering the Olympic Games in 1984, only the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games were hosted.

Over the past 20 years, the Chinese mens volleyball teams journey to the Olympic Games has been a bit bitter. In order to make a breakthrough, the Chinese Volleyball Association decided to invite foreign teams to coach.

However, in Lossanos view, it is not an overnight success to improve the overall strength of the team. In an interview with the Beijing Evening News, he admitted that the team has a gap in the service, attack, movement and other links with the worlds top teams. For example, six people on the Canadian team, four people can jump serve vigorously, our players obviously feel No. Adaptation.

Losano believes that in order to really improve the strength of the Chinese mens volleyball team, it will take time to either let more players go out to high-level League experience or build a better domestic league.

Indeed, to see the qualitative leap of Chinese mens volleyball team is not a task that can be accomplished simply by changing coaches and teams.

Source: Liu Jie_NS6529, the responsible editor of Peng Mei News