Two years burned up 400 million yuan! Chinese capital withdrawal from Aston Villa default can not afford to pay

 Two years burned up 400 million yuan! Chinese capital withdrawal from Aston Villa default can not afford to pay

The new Premier League season for Aston Villa has just begun, but the new season for Zhejiang businessman Xia Jiantong has ended.

According to the BBC, NSWE, the new owner of Aston Villa Club, recently paid 30 million pounds in debt and won the final share of Villa in Xia Jiantangs hands, which meant that Xia Jiantang was no longer related to Villa and that Chinese capital had completely withdrawn from Villa.

Established in 1874, Aston Villa is one of the oldest clubs in England. It was a strong team in the top league of England. It won the FA Cup seven times and the top league championship seven times. But since the 11/12 season, with the deterioration of the financial situation, Villa has been fighting for relegation; three years ago, Villa was relegated. Just then, Xia Jiantong appeared.

In the early morning of May 19, 2016, Aston Villa Football Club, which had just been demoted from the Premier League, announced on its official website that Randy Lerner, the former president of the club, had agreed to transfer its 100% ownership of the club to Unilever for 76 million. Xia Jiantong, a Quzhou businessman from Zhejiang Province, became the new owner of Villa. Chairman.

The acquisition has attracted great attention in Zhejiang and even in the whole country. Xia Jiantong, the president of the multinational group with lotus monosodium glutamate, which is familiar to Chinese, has become a football owner from Zhejiang business circle to football circle. As a football fan, after investigating eight Premier League teams, he chose Aston Villa to manage a modern football club with the scientific management of modern enterprises. Of course, the first task is to lead the team back to the Premier League.

However, Villa began to have financial problems because of two successive seasons of unsuccessful performance. In the first season, Villa was in the middle, in the second season, ranked fourth in the Champions League, and lost to Fulham in the final of the upgrade supplements. The BBC revealed that Xia Jianhua lost 50 million pounds (about 400 million yuan) in two years.

Last July, NSWE bought a 55% stake in the club from Xia Jiantong for 30 million. NSWE, the major shareholder of the club, began to invest more. The club not only made a comeback into the Premier League, but also gained a number of strong support in the transfer market.

Chinese investors were once regarded as saviors by Aston Villa fans

Prior to the closure of the Premier League summer transfer window, the highest net transfer expenditure was the signing of Manchester United with Wan Pisaka, Maguire and Daniel James for a total of 145 million, while the second-ranked team was Aston Villa, which spent more than 135 million to bring in 12 new players.

Villas success was originally a happy event, but it has nothing to do with Xia Jiantong.

According to an agreement with former owner Randy Lerner, if Villa returns to the Premier League within three years, Xia Jiandong will have to pay an additional 30 million, but Xia Jiandong will not be able to pay this sum this summer. As a result, NSWE, the clubs major shareholder, took over the 30 million and also took over the remaining shares of Xia Jiantong in Villa.

So far, Xia Jiantong has completely said goodbye to the Aston Villa Club, which has operated for three years, and Chinese capital has nothing to do with the club at all.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Li Xiaotian_NS6473