Russia intends to recommend the expulsion of students by AI starting in 1921

 Russia intends to recommend the expulsion of students by AI starting in 1921

According to reports, AI will evaluate studentsacademic performance, classroom performance, participation in public activities and performance based on digital tracking information. Based on this information, AI can recommend that department offices or school offices establish strategies for studentseducational outcomes in order to commend, recommend extracurricular classes, and even warn and dismiss misconduct.

Kiasov said: This kind of education service will eliminate teacherspersonal prejudice. It is planned to discuss its development and implementation at the EDCrunch Education Conference in October 2019.

He said that several universities would be selected to test the system in the initial stage. He added: In 2019, AI will be introduced into universities in an all-round way. By 2021, a beta version will be launched in some universities.

Kiasov pointed out: Of course, the conclusion of the current system is only the nature of recommendations, the final decision is still in the school side.

According to the Russian Ministry of Education, in 2018, about 16.8% of Russian students were expelled from Russian universities for various reasons. Experts estimate that the introduction of artificial intelligence will reduce the data to 10%.

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