You only see how hot the band is in summer, but you dont know how poor the band is in winter.

 You only see how hot the band is in summer, but you dont know how poor the band is in winter.

In the last issue, Park Shu was a guest. Halfway through the program, Park Shu, who was too real, came up with the idea of going home to sleep. Before leaving, he said, I dont think the band is really easy. Its been a long wait this summer.

Ma Dong applauded and his eyes were red.

This picture and this conclusion may constitute a miniature and symbol of Lexia.

Independent orchestras are struggling today. The biggest difficulty is that its easy to get involved and hard to love. To sacrifice too much reality for music, all who can persevere are warriors.

Previously, media statistics showed that 117 musicians in Lexia had more than 20 professions. Part-time music is the norm, without a serious job, no one can support themselves.

Therefore, a wave of traffic is good for the band.

But there are still many music fans who are picky, saying that their beloved band has abandoned their original intention and that they have been polluted by commerce. Its hard to say. Im used to whitewash powder anyway. Ill be happy and take care of your life and death.

So today I want to talk to you archaeologically: you only see the bands summer fire, but you dont know how cold the bands winter was.

Theres so much to say about how poor the band is. But specific to different bands, its really a strange tragedy.

Tang Dynasty band must be the symbol band of China. But around 1991, a public performance in the Tang Dynasty, a person can only get tens of dollars. Early rock bands were almost the same standard, some even worse.

Ding Wu, the lead singer, recalled that the band had no fixed income before signing a Rolling Stone record. The so-called performance is to attend some temporary party, life depends on two.

The first one is gnawing old. Go home once a week, see your parents, and eat and drink.

Second, frugality. At that time, Ding Wu often bought a bag of milk powder, three spoons of each cup, mixed into cream, as lunch. Make another cup in the evening. Or go to buy bags of instant noodles, without ingredients, and eat one bag at a time.

Chen Jin, a bassist in Dou Weis band and many other bands, has similar memories.

In the early 1990s, in order to make a living, the band went out to cave, from hundreds to twenty. Later, many bands were disbanded, mainly for economic reasons. Everyone has no money and can hardly survive, so they have to make a living by themselves.

Dou Wei formed a band called Dreaming, and the guitarist was Wu Ke. In 1993, when Wu Ke was interviewed, she said a metaphorical remark: although the members of the band have no money, they ride their bicycles to rehearse all the way, nobody complains, and they are happy to immerse themselves in the music. But I have to face the reality and not dream any more.

Tie Ding was an important year of Chinese rock and roll in 1994. The battle in Hong Kongs Red Hom brought the Magic Rock Sanjie and the Tang Dynasty band into an indelible history.

But after the glory, life is not easy.

Zhang Chu is a persistent person.

After 1994, he encountered economic confusion. Many people asked him to perform and said that they would pay 30,000 yuan for an accompaniment of Sister. But he insisted on playing with a band and never went there. But 30,000 yuan is not a small amount, Zhang Chu also wavered. In his words, I am also a very sensitive person to the economy, and I would feel a lot of pressure to do so.

The situation of ordinary musicians can be imagined.

He Yong, who is also the Three Magic Rock Masters, recalls practicing guitar in his early years mainly by listening to and watching other peoples performances. When everyone went to Maxim, they couldnt afford to drink there. They all drank enough at the New Overseas Chinese Restaurant opposite and then went in.

Most musicians are not well off in life, so scraping food has become a frequent occurrence in the circle. Once an old wolf invited him to dinner. As a result, a large number of people came, who did not know where they came from.

You think its over?

In the 1990s, bands went to Henan for cave walking. Inviters clapped their breasts and said that they should take care of themselves. As a result, when they arrived at the scene, they found that there was a broken auditorium without a sound.

The band had to borrow the speaker from the nearby billiards hall. At that time, there were few brokers in the band. They went to various caves and introduced each other. After some bands perform, they will be covered up in the arena and be robbed in disorder.

In 1999, a musician once saved one thing: to go to the subway to sell art.

Who are the participants? Dou Wei, Chen Jin, Deng Nege, Europeans, Chen Xiaohu, Yue Haokun and Shan Xiaofan. He Yong came halfway and held a Ruan in his hand.

These are all names in the history of music. Of course, we can look at this anecdote as Shishuoxinyu, but realistically, poverty is also real poverty.

Even today, although the bands revenue is no longer tens or hundreds, the predicament of fame continues.

Lexia talked a lot in her second live interview, so I wont repeat it any more.

It is important to note that emphasizing the bands poverty is not money-only. It is extraordinary that there are so many good works in the face of economic hardship.

But it is also an indisputable fact that many bands collapsed for practical reasons and many musicians gave up halfway because of the economic situation. If you really like bands, you should let them get the income they deserve. Money, in most cases, is another name for freedom. And freedom, whether spiritual or material, is too important for the creator.

After Lexia was over, new pants and Peng Leifu were on fire.

The first public performance of the new trousers was helped by friends. Located in a cinema in Xianghe.

The band took a bus to Xianghe and found that almost all the people in the county came, and 1000 tickets were sold out soon.

However, the box office is good, the audience is not right. Hi on the stage, the grandparents on the stage are sipping melon seeds and coaxing the children. The tickets for the failed show sold for three yuan a piece, without the rent and layers of fees, each band eventually got more than 60 yuan.

The new trousers are certainly a very successful band in business, and they should be less embarrassed these years.

Pang Kuan said one thing about Peng Lei. One year when Peng Lei wanted to buy a house, the intermediary fee was very expensive, which required more than 100,000 yuan. According to the regulations, if it is an employee of an intermediary company, there will be a discount. Peng Lei went to the intermediary company to look for a job, and the result was blown out.

This is, of course, a joke. But the intermediary fee for Beishengguang is about 1% of the house price, and Peng Pants can buy more than 10 million houses. Its a real pleasure.

Lexias last issue, continue Peng Yan Peng Yu. After the performance, Peng Leicue arrived, and some staff members intentionally invited him to Qihua Shuo, but we have such a good time in music, why do we have to make money by talking, right?

The interface makes a strange big Zhang Wei immediately connect: Ouch, thats because you dont know, its really earning money by talking.

This interactive scene laughing fruit is very good, but think carefully, or can not get around the band to make money difficult topic.

The equally popular hedgehog band made a speech after winning the hot3. Zijian, who accidentally smashed the trophy, said, Rock and roll trophies are not important, bonuses are not important, and guitar smashing is not important... If you do yourself well, money will come to you.

I believe that Zijian, who resigned during the program, is sincere and agrees with him. However, the band hasnt made enough money yet, which is also the subtext of this remark.

Chinese people seem to have a tradition of discoloring money. It seems that when it comes to money, the nature of many things changes. But it is this long-term repression that gives rise to a deformed attitude of refusing to return money.

In my opinion, its not a shame to talk frankly about making money and getting matching returns for people with ability. Now that the bands work has passed musicianstest, there is no reason for them to suffer from poverty and hunger again, nor need they pretend to fear that money will corrupt their future. All adults, who can not be responsible for their own lives?

Summer of the Band will tour and finalize the second season. I have two small wishes: I hope more bands will bring wonderful and unforgettable works. Hope that the program and musicians will raise less money, because thats no longer the case.

Shortage is the expression of hope that the band and fans can reap material and spiritual prosperity.

Let those poor days go with the wind.