Knowing that the girl was suffering from terminal illness, the young man took the initiative to apply for security in the community, but it was...

 Knowing that the girl was suffering from terminal illness, the young man took the initiative to apply for security in the community, but it was...

When finishing Jiang Xiaotings wallet, a test sheet slipped out. He opened it and saw that it was a test sheet for leukemia: what he stole was also a leukemia patient! Maybe this 10,000 yuan was her life-saving money! Sun Kai turned to think that the girls dress should be rich, and she might not lack this 10,000 yuan. But it can solve the urgent need for oneself!

Sun Kai put 10,000 yuan into his sisters hospital account, and soon ran out of money. Because of lack of money, the treatment in the next few months could only be intermittent. In December, Sun Yangyang died sadly. After taking care of his sisters affairs, Sun Kai found a job in a logistics company. According to the plan, he drew out 1,200 yuan a month to repay the person who had been stolen by himself.

When Sun Kai was sorting out the data of the thieves, he accidentally saw Jiang Xiaotings test sheet: Is she okay? Would she not miss it because she stole 10,000 yuan? One day, Sun Kai sent a courier to a small area. He remembered that it was Jiang Xiaotings residential area. He knocked on Jiang Xiaotings door in the name of a parcel and looked at the opening of the door. The girls haggard eyes, Sun Kai on the one hand sympathy, on the other hand regret. Afraid of arousing Jiang Xiaotings suspicion, Sun Kai left without saying much. Back at home, an ominous foreboding rushed into my mind. Sun Kais mood is very heavy: Can Jiang Xiaoting find a matching bone marrow transplant? If not, when can she persist? Can she help her in any way?


Sun Kai read in the newspaper that Jiang Xiaotings neighborhood recruited security guards, and he immediately went to apply. After assessment, Sun Kai was hired as the security of the community. Become the security of the community. After that, Sun Kai often saw Jiang Xiaoting walking in the community. Every time he looked for an opportunity to say hello.

One day, Sun Kai was touring the community as usual. Suddenly, he found Jiang Xiaoting standing on the roof. Sun Kai immediately notified other security guards, but before he had finished, Jiang Xiaoting jumped down. Sun Kai flew over and reached out his hands as soon as Jiang Xiaoting landed. Suddenly, Sun Kai felt dark and unconscious.

Four hours later, Sun Kai woke up. He learned from the doctor that because he reached out to catch Jiang Xiaoting, she was okay. Im sorry, but people like me are not worth your help. I have leukemia. Sooner or later, I have to leave. Why do you need to save me? Jiang Xiaoting would go to the hospital to see Sun Kai in the next few days. Through chatting with Sun Kai, he learned that Jiang Xiaotings boyfriend had left him because of leukemia detection, in pain and pain. Under the double blow of her boyfriends leaving, she was desperate. Meanwhile, with huge medical expenses, Jiang Xiaoting felt that she was a drag on her family, so she decided to jump out of the building.

How can you do this? In fact, my sister is also a leukemia patient, no money for treatment, I will go out to work, and then hard and tired I will persist, you jump is easy, but you think about your parentsfeelings? Sun Kai like a lesson to his sister.

Every time Jiang Xiaoting went to the hospital, Sun Kai would talk about how much hardship his sister had overcome in order to survive, and the deep feelings between his brothers and sisters. Jiang Xiaotings heart was shocked: they had to persist in living so hard, their situation was much better than theirs, but they had to seek shortsightedness. She deeply regretted her actions.

Half a month later, Sun Kai was discharged from hospital. He knew that Jiang Xiaoting had stabilized temporarily, but the heart of leukemia patients was extremely fragile. To fully establish the belief of surviving, other methods were needed. Later, Sun Kai wrote to Jiang Xiaoting as his sister.

Sister, today I received a letter from my brother saying that my matching bone marrow has been found. He is contacting the other party about donation. Although we dont have so much money for that person now, I can borrow it. By then, I will be in good health and my brother and I will go to work to make money. I believe that we can have a good life. Live. Sister, I will ask my brother to help you contact the bone marrow, you have to believe him, he has already found the bone marrow experience! __________

Jiang Xiaotings heart shocked: what kind of brotherhood and sister friendship is this? What kind of persistent belief in life is this? Slowly, Jiang Xiaoting has a strong will to live. Every time she receives a letter, she will be happy for several days, read it over and over again, reluctant to let go. Sun Kaichang was relieved to see Jiang Xiaoting completely enter his trap.

As the number of contacts increased, Jiang Xiaoting gradually had a different feeling towards Sun Kai. Although Sun Kai was only a security guard of more than 3,000 yuan a month, she felt that it could not be an obstacle for two people to be together, but the serious illness kept her sane: temporarily not showing her mind to Sun Kai, if her illness could be cured in the future. Just be his girlfriend. In fact, when Sun Kai wrote a letter to Jiang Xiaoting, he not only regarded Jiang Xiaoting as his sisters stand-in, but also as his lover, but rationally told him that it was impossible! For this reason, he tried not to reveal his love to anyone.


Fortunately, Jiang Xiaotings illness had a major turn for the better because she had found a matching bone marrow transplant. A few days later, she underwent transplantation in the Provincial Peoples Hospital and the operation was successful. In the next half month, Sun Kai visited Jiang Xiaoting as soon as he was free. Thank you. I want to thank your sister more. Please tell her that I have had an operation. I will go to see her when I am well. Sun Kais face twitched a few times and he didnt know what to say.

On the day Jiang Xiaoting was discharged from hospital, she hoped to see Sun Kai at the gate of the hospital, but she never waited. Was he sick? Or was he temporarily unable to leave his job? After returning to the community, Jiang Xiaoting asked the security department, but she was disappointed: two days ago, Sun Kai had resigned. But the security guard sent her a letter from Sun Kai.

Jiang Xiaoting was muddled! The letter slipped on the ground, and she could not accept the fact that its not true, its not true! She looked for Sun Kai in the community as if she was mad. Jiang Xiaoting dialed Sun Kais cell phone, but it was shut down.

Looking at a letter and thinking about what happened during this period, Jiang Xiaoting burst into tears: she did hate being stolen 10,000 yuan, but the hatred had been diluted. She thanked God for letting her meet Sun Kai countless times, and even fantasized about how to express her love to Sun Kai after she was well, but she did not expect it to become so.

Jiang Xiaoting disregarded the familys dissuasion and set foot on the high-speed railway to Sun Kais hometown. In a small mountain village in Pingjiang, Yueyang, Jiang Xiaoting saw Sun Kai at a glance. A month later, Jiang Xiaoting found Sun Kai haggard. I hate you, what do you mean? How can I leave without a word? Do you know how sad I am? Jiang Xiaoting jumped into Sun Kais arms in front of everyone. Suddenly, Sun Kai-tung was extremely embarrassed. This time I found you, I will not let you go!

That evening, Jiang Xiaoting lived in Sun Kais house. Sun Kai confessed to Xiaoting: Xiaoting, I am not worthy of you at all. Now you know the situation in my family, you should go back. I love you, the conditions in my family are worse now, but I believe that as long as we work together, we will be better. u201d Looking at the resolute Jiang Xiaoting, Sun Kai had no choice but to drive her away. He shouted at Jiang Xiaoting, Why do you have to stay here? Tell you, I dont like you at all. Please dont disturb my life.

Looking at Sun Kais indifference, Jiang Xiaoting burst into tears, thinking that she would not hesitate to put down her shelf to find love, but Sun Kai did not give it to her. Jiang Xiaotings original belief collapsed, and she took the car back that day. Looking at Jiang Xiaoting in the distance, Sun Kai felt very uncomfortable. In fact, he loved Jiang Xiaoting, but he felt that the distance between the two people was too big. He could not give Jiang Xiaoting happiness at all. Instead of suffering for the two people in the future, he might as well cut off his love.

Sun Kai opened the door as usual, and he was stunned: Jiang Xiaoting stood at the door and looked at him with a smile. I dont want to regret myself, so I got off halfway. Ive decided that no matter what way you drive me in the future, I wont leave. Looking at Jiang Xiaoting, Sun Kai couldnt help but take her into his arms: Silly girl, whats good for me, I cant give you anything! As long as you are a person, you cant give me anything now, but we can certainly create our own happiness!

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