What is the intention of the United States to list China as a currency manipulator? It depends on what experts from many countries say.

 What is the intention of the United States to list China as a currency manipulator? It depends on what experts from many countries say.

The article points out that the invisible hand in the market will make the wishful abacus of some Americans unable to calculate the wishful result in the end. Where the economic law is, whether you understand it or not, it is there and it is working. International insights have repeatedly pointed out that international trade is based on mutual benefit, not on win-lose. Protectionist policies adopted by some Americans are the greatest threat to the modern open trading system.

Zhong Sheng, Peoples Daily: The report of the International Monetary Fund fully demonstrates that China is not a currency manipulator (source:)

What worries many experts is that the US accuses China of being a currency manipulator not only stirred up the international capital market, but also cast a shadow on the world economic prospects.

Donald Bundelow, a professor of economics at George Mason University in the United States, believes that the weakening of the exchange rate of the RMB against the dollar is related to the uncertainties brought to the global economy by the trade disputes initiated by the United States. It is a political factor that the United States regards China as a currency manipulator.

Mantusov, a professor at the Department of World Economic Research, Institute of Foreign Affairs, Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the unilateral implementation of trade protection policies and increasing bets in economic and trade disputes by the United States would have a very negative impact on the world economy. In the economic, trade and financial and monetary fields, China not only safeguards its own interests, but also follows the current international rules. The worlds largest currency manipulator is actually the United States.

Japanese economist Hideo Tanaka pointed out that listing other countries as exchange rate manipulation America is the negotiating tool of the United States. Chinas experience today may also occur in Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regional economies in the future.

Former Slovenian President Turk said that the economic and trade frictions provoked by the U.S. government have hindered the development of international trade and put the global economy at risk of recession; the unilateral actions of the United States are not supported.

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The US has been criticized for listing China as a currency manipulator (Source:)

In the final analysis, we need to focus on Sustainable development, seek trade balance, take the right path and take the main road on the premise of equality and mutual respect.

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