Cathay Pacific CEO Response: Employees who participate in illegal meetings or are fired

 Cathay Pacific CEO Response: Employees who participate in illegal meetings or are fired

Tuyuan: Ta Kung Pao

Overseas Network, August 12, recently, Cathay Pacific Airlines staff, including the captain, stewardess and other people participated in and supported the illegal assembly, participation in the strike and other incidents, causing widespread concern in the industry and the public. On the 12th, Cathay Pacific CEO He Xiao issued an employee letter, responding to the illegal assembly of employees of Cathay Pacific Airlines today and in the near future.

According to the Hong Kong Economic Daily, Ho Xiao said in his letter that the airport rally on the 12th was an unauthorized and illegal gathering, believing that employees should not support and participate; he was concerned about the safety of employees and worried that the rally would become violent and disorderly.

He Xiao said in his letter that Cathay Pacific has zero tolerance for violence. As far as the current situation is concerned, employees may face punitive consequences, serious consequences or dismissal if they participate in or support illegal gatherings. He also pointed out that it was unacceptable for employees to divulge confidential information and violate codes in recent days.

He Xiao emphasized that the actions and words of employees outside of work may have a significant impact on the company; employees who are too high-profile or attract attention are considered as the companys position. The companys social media code also states that employees should not upload any information that undermines the privacy, bullying or harassment of their colleagues, thereby damaging Cathay Pacifics reputation.

In response to a series of practices of Cathay Pacific employees, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a major aviation safety risk warning to Cathay Pacific Airlines of Hong Kong on the 9th. People from all walks of life in Hong Kong also said that Cathay Pacific Airlines had a very serious problem, involving the professional field of aviation safety. Strict industry regulations must be enforced without any negligence.

Hong Kong media revealed again on December 12th that a Cathay Pacific crew member openly shouted to disobey the orders of the Civil Aviation Administration. He also encouraged other flight attendants to take sick leave collectively, strike the mainland airlines or take a series of non-cooperative operations on flights to the mainland. In this regard, some members of the Legislative Council have directly criticized Cathay Pacific Airlines for its serious internal safety supervision problems, and some staff members have been robbed by radical ideas, which may pose a serious threat to flight at any time.

Kang Hui Sends Cathay Pacific a Word: Nozuonodie

CCTV news and new media launched Anchor Talk and Broadcasting. Kang Hui: Some media reported that Cathay Pacific Airlines still participated in illegal rallies, clamouring to undermine the tourism industry, so that tourists dare not come to Hong Kong. Thats a joke. Isnt Cathay Pacific calling itself a Hong Kong service? Who are you serving now? Im afraid its not that tourists dare not come to Hong Kong, but that they dare not take Cathay Pacific flights. Or a kind reminder: do not die. Oh, I also heard that some Cathay Pacific Airlines personnel pretend to be unable to understand Putonghua when they hear it, so speak English well: Nozuonodie.