Give me a pair of wings hit more than 4.5 billion ingenious large-scale explosive summer holidays

 Give me a pair of wings hit more than 4.5 billion ingenious large-scale explosive summer holidays

The plot is fascinating with twists and turns

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the fast rhythm and strong plot, Give me a pair of wings is a work without the halo of the protagonist. In the play, neither Lin Jiuge, played by Ju You, nor Long Tianyu, played by Yan Yalun, had the experience of hanging all the way, nor the special functions entrusted by the scriptwriter. Instead, they were repeatedly frustrated, repeatedly excluded, oppressed and obstructed, giving the story a sense of reality and the characters a sense of three-dimensional, thus allowing the audience to catch up with the play. Hou has a sense of substitution. Fans on social networking sites have repeatedly highlighted the topic of their heartfelt male and female subjects, saying: Give me a pair of wings has the most grounded male and female protagonists, the most authentic story, their performance in the plight is the same as those around us.

Emotional masochism brings moving feelings

Apart from the feelings between young men and women, Leng Liwei and Long Tianyus Brotherhood has made audiences deeply distressed and boastful. In the second half of the play, when Leng Liwei learned that Long Tianyu was his long-lost relative and brother, and had to kill him for his own benefit, the pain, tangle, and the helplessness of many times trying to recognize him but being forced to stop, all made the audience distressed. On Longtianyus side, how to choose between maintaining fairness and justice or choosing a brother whose blood is thicker than water makes the audience think and discuss. These real emotions have brought a lot of daydream and thinking space to the audience.

Story Warm Heart Positive Energy Lights the Light of Hope

Give me a pair of wings is a warm-hearted work full of inspiration and struggle, showing the beauty of human nature, transmitting positive energy and lighting the light of hope. The play focuses on the characters represented by Lin Jiuge and Long Tianyu, depicts the charactersjoys, sorrows and sorrows with delicate lenses, and interprets the meaning of life with stories. In this play, the heroine Lin Jiuge has gone through all kinds of hardships and suffered many pains and pressures that ordinary people can not bear. After experiencing such psychological processes as misunderstanding, despair, depression, rekindling hope and positive face, she ushered in Phoenix Nirvana with her own efforts. In the process of investigating the case, Long Tianyu was accompanied by anger and loss many times. Hope and pain, but with the heart of defending the justice of legal fairness, has been insisting on the way to find the truth. However, in the face of temptation and threats, people like Lengnian, Xiao Linfeng and Longxiang all hesitated and struggled, but they all stood on the side of justice. It was because they never gave up hope that the dawn finally came.

During the pursuit of drama, netizens spontaneously summarized materials such as Wing Classroom and Lin Jiuge Quotations on social websites for dissemination. They believed that besides wonderful stories, the perseverance and perseverance of the characters in the drama would accompany themselves and meet setbacks and difficulties in life. Like the characters in the play, never give up hope and dreams.

It is reported that Give me a pair of wings is directed by Lai Shuiqing and Guojianyong, starring Ju Jingyou, Yan Yalun, Han Dong, Zhang Yuxi and Zhu Shengzhen. Mire is a special star. Xie Junhao, Wang Yizhen, Wang Yan, Tao Huimin, Yuanhua, Qiu Xinzhi, Kou Zhenhai, Jiang Kai, Xiuqing and other powerful actors are enthusiastic.