Thailands Miaoling women only earn 3800 yuan for prostitution in Taiwan.

 Thailands Miaoling women only earn 3800 yuan for prostitution in Taiwan.

Xinbei Zhonghe Police Bureau found pornographic information on network patrol, and then went to Peace Street in Zhonghe District to search for it. (Pictures taken from media)

Taiwanese woman Xiao Meng, 22, went to Taiwan for prostitution in the name of sightseeing at the end of July, according to Taiwans Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper on August 12, China. During a recent network patrol by the Zhonghe Police Branch of Xinbei City, pornographic information was found. She then went to Pingjie Street, Zhonghe District to investigate and seize Xiao Meng, condom, lubricant and other certificates on the spot. Things. After the warning, the punishment shall be imposed according to the violation of the Law on the Maintenance of Social Order, and the punishment shall be subsequently handed over to the Immigration Department of the Taiwan authorities for deportation.

According to a police investigation, Xiao Mengyuan worked in a factory in Thailand and went to Taiwan in the name of sightseeing through a friends introduction. After arriving in Taiwan at the end of July, he received dozens of guests, earning only 34,000 yuan (about 7,663 yuan), and half of them had to be handed over to friends. The profit was only 17,000 yuan (about 3,831 yuan).

According to reports, a forum published hot pictures of girls, labeling neutralizing new people and I reply please wait patiently. The police disguised themselves as guests and went to the door to look for them. Unexpectedly, as soon as Xiaomeng entered the door, he immediately stripped off his clothes. The police showed his identity on the spot and found evidence of lubricants, condoms and so on.

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