Speed and Passion: Special Action

 Speed and Passion: Special Action

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that the annual action blockbuster Speed and Passion: Special Action created by Universal Film Industry will be launched on August 23 in the national courtyard. The pre-sale of the film has now been fully opened. Today, the filmmakers released Fighting for Life clips. The skyscraper walls soared into the clouds, Hobbes hung vertically and fell freely. Xiao took the elevator to perform the speed of life and death. The two tough men jointly pursued the strongest villain Black Superman and staged action codes to subvert imagination and break through the physical limit. Movie fans shouted. Miracles.

Quick series has conquered the worlds fans with magnificent action scenes, and this time Speed and Passion: Special Action will continue to write action myth. As shown in the clip, the film breaks through the physical limit and designs more novel and exciting action scenes. The two big tough mens high-rise buildings are falling fast to catch up with the strong enemy, which has brought unprecedented impact. Some movie bloggers lament that action plays are popular and have both fresh and impact in vision. In addition to todays exposure of high-rise hanging chase footage, Shuangsen close combat Black Superman, London Street speed racing, heavy truck hard-pulled helicopter and other breathtaking scenes, will also make the audience more eager to see the action of the magnificent style.

In order to create the epic action scenes in the film, all the main creators go all out. Even so, it is still very difficult for actors to be competent in complex motion design that challenges physical endurance and agility. Johnson and Jason need to learn different styles of fighting to show the difference in character; Idris Alba, who had a Thai boxing foundation and thought he could easily master the movements, is constantly adjusting the fighting style in order to be closer to the violence and fierceness of Black Superman; facing the action design with high intensity and precision. Vanessa Kirby was still biting her teeth after many injuries. With the help of action director David Reich, the film will incorporate more real and unexpected action scenes that fans like, besides retaining the core themes of family and brotherhood inherent in the Quick Shock series.

Speed and Passion: Special Action will be launched on August 23.