Li Zhiying, the leader of Chaogang, was rejected from the family tree of Shunde Li: a rebellious son

 Li Zhiying, the leader of Chaogang, was rejected from the family tree of Shunde Li: a rebellious son

According to Hong Kongs Ta Kung Pao on November 11, rioters in Hong Kong have wreaked havoc on the country and martyred Hong Kong, colluded with outside forces, and the citizens have denounced evil deeds and fellow villagers have been ashamed to join hands. Among them, Li Zhiying, the leader of Chaotic Port and founder of One Media in Shunde, Guangdong Province, was recently outraged by Shunde Lis family tree and denounced as a rebel son.

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According to a statement posted on the Internet, Li Zhiying, a native of Shunde, Guangdong Province, is the Zhi generation and the 28th descendant of Wen Qinggong, the ancestor of Shunde, Guangdong. The ancestors of the Li clan are above: today, the Li clan rebelled against his son Zhiying, chaotic Hong Kong, China, and the Li clan was humiliated. Therefore, they opened ancestral halls, offered sacrifices to their ancestors and excluded their genealogy. After that, all the actions of the Zhiying clan have nothing to do with the Shunde Li clan!

Li Zhiyings Apple Daily recently not only discredited the country and Hong Kong, but also made mobs waving flags and shouting, regardless of the well-being of the public. Li Zhiying also ignored the mobs use of peaceful march to start riots, leading the March and providing cover for the mobs violence.

Reported that Li Zhiying has always been keen to go to the United States to sing Hong Kong down, in order to obtain political capital. In early July, after Vice President Burns and Secretary of State Pompeo met in person, Li Zhiying pretended that Hong Kong was fighting for the United States in an attempt to win the support of the United States. Some netizens mocked that although the genealogy had been rejected, Fat Lao Li might be happier because he could go to the United States to recognize relatives in a fair and honest way.

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