Learn to apply the highest realm! Canoeing champion Xu Yaping rescued for 12 hours

 Learn to apply the highest realm! Canoeing champion Xu Yaping rescued for 12 hours

Typhoon Liqima brought serious waterlogging to coastal cities in Zhejiang Province. Among the rescue forces, Xu Yaping, the world champion of canoeing, was found. She and the rescue team drove a stormboat along the coast, rescuing and transferring more than 30 victims. Many netizens said: This is the highest level of learning to apply.

I didnt send out a circle of friends, how do you know? When the reporter contacted her, Xu Yaping was still very Mongolian.

On the night of August 10, I saw the news of rescue at sea; immediately contacted the rescue forces in various Wechat groups; selected rescue team members and set out from Hangzhou; arrived at the seaside and local rescue organizations and put them into rescue until noon on August 11... What happened in the past dozen hours is interlinked, and it doesnt even leave Xu Yaping any time to think.

When all is over and she gets on the bus back to Hangzhou, she will be lost for a while after sleepless nights. It feels OK. Its not based on her athletes origin. Its a good foundation. She joked, Actually, Im a little embarrassed. So many people come here, many are more professional than us. We are a screw in the rescue team, water sports is my strong point, rescue is my profession, at this time do not go, learn to do?!

A five-member team that set off overnight to form a temporary team

In recent days, the news of typhoon affects every Zhejiang people. The disaster-stricken coastal area, flooded roads and houses, trapped the masses. On the evening of August 10, Linhai Public Security urgently requisitioned stormboats from all walks of life through social media.

Xu Yaping in Hangzhou pays close attention to the news in the circle of friends and the group of Wechat. At first, the news is very messy. Water rescue is not as mature as mountain rescue, and the folk forces are scattered. Some are enthusiastic but not professional enough. It is dangerous to rush to rescue. Skilled people should be at the front.

Xu Yaping is not only the world champion in canoeing, but also the first R4 female instructor in IRIA Asia. What she calls skilled person refers to herself. When she receives information, she does not hesitate at all (decides to go). (Rescue) Professional stuff, otherwise learn what to do?!

Rescue needs teamwork. She learns that Huzhou Blue Sky Rescue Teams three-person team is planning to go to Linhai. According to my professional judgment, night is the time when the water volume is the largest, and it must go overnight. Xu Yaping also found Dr. Wang Jing from the Rehabilitation Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine among his volunteers. Five teams were assembled.

Previously, Xu Yaping, Dr. Wang and the Blue Sky Rescue Team did not know each other. The Blue Sky Rescue Team from Huzhou rushed directly to the sea and learned that Xu Yaping had gone with her and rushed to Hangzhou to pick it up. Its also a success to brush your face. Xu Yaping brought rope throwing belt, life jacket, gloves, knife, whistle, warm clothes... Its more than 9 oclock at night. Lets go.

Better go for nothing.

Dont miss one place, either.

Along the way, Xu Yaping kept refreshing the rescue information on her mobile phone. The latest news on the other side of the coast was that the stormboat was in place, but no one could drive it. Driving the stormboat requires certain skills. Its not terrible to drive in deep water, but its difficult to open in shallow water. There is also news that the boat is out of gas, Xu Yaping had to look for gas stations everywhere first, Some gas stations can not directly give gas, willing to give, mobile phone signal is not good money and can not pay out, in any case.

The water on the street has not been covered by the hood of the car. There are various kinds of debris floating in the water, such as building rubbish, plastic bottles, wooden blocks, foam boxes, garbage, and some peculiar smell. Xu Yaping kept telling the stormboat driver to slow down. She specially wears a pair of dark green rubber soles. These shoes can insulate the current, but if the water touches any part of the skin, it will still shock, so to avoid the current is not able to go into the water where there is power supply. Xu Yaping said that every detail should be considered thoroughly, first of all, to ensure their own safety, in order to better rescue.

According to the local peoples directions, Xu Yapings team drove a stormboat and rescued people according to the rescue information. There are both old people and children. We transferred the trapped people to the distribution center of the square. Xu Yaping recalled that at that time, the rescue information was complicated and the truth was indistinguishable, but as long as we saw the rescue information, we would all go. We would rather go for a trip in vain than miss a place. Its easy to say, but its not easy to do in practice. The stormboat can still sail in deep water. Its very energy-consuming to drag forward in shallow water.

Teenagers should master more outdoor safety knowledge and skills

It was not until yesterday afternoon that Xu Yapings 5-member rescue team ended its rescue mission. She did not shut her eyes for more than 10 hours. She was hungry and only relied on snacks to fill her hunger. When she sat down to rest, she had no idea that the news of her spontaneous participation in the rescue had been hot searched.

In one picture, Xu Yaping was wearing a life jacket, a duck tongue cap, no Dai powder on her face, and some haggard, but her eyes were very firm. I dont know how to take this picture. At that time, she was supposed to wade with a rope in hand, her legs were very sour, her legs were very resistant, and her hands were red by the rope.

When she was an athlete, she was the world champion of canoeing; after her retirement, she was a teacher of Zhejiang University, promoting water sports; and because she often showed water skills on variety shows, she was called spicy teacher. Because she missed the Yuyao disaster relief operation without professional rescue training, Xu Yaping participated in the training of the International Waters Rescue Course and became the first R4 female instructor in Asia (IRIA Professional Training Officer for International Waters Rescue, the highest rank is R5, with only 10 people and no women in the world). Xu Yaping is the first female R4 trainer in Asia. She was trained by the devil in the turbulent natural waters, carrying a 70-80 kg dash boat engine to re-equip and run, bruised, bleeding, broken skin, red and swollen hands and legs countless, relying on the athletes unbeaten strength, Xu Yaping became a professional rescuer.

From female guests, to male hot coaches, to disaster relief volunteers, positive energy of the new era of women! Comments from the circle of friends gave Xu Yaping a great encouragement, she repeatedly stressed that rescue, need teamwork and cooperation, also need to accumulate long-term professional experience, decisive decision-making, teenagers need to master the outdoor more. Safety knowledge and skills in case of self-help or other rescue at critical moment.

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