Dead Silence Escape releases a special edition of Bats and Bees of Foreign Beasts to uncover the secrets and destroy the worlds monsters

 Dead Silence Escape releases a special edition of Bats and Bees of Foreign Beasts to uncover the secrets and destroy the worlds monsters

Netease Entertainment reported on August 12 that the monster horror film Silence Escape produced by Constantine Pictures had been officially filed on August 30. The film is adapted from Tim Liebens best-selling book The Silence, the highest prize in horror fiction, directed by John R. Leonardy, a Royal Windson photographer and director of the hot horror film Annabel. The film tells a thrilling story of a family escaping from the doomsday under the global siege of a terrible species resembling bats. Recently, the film has released a number of posters, trailers, many viewers expressed their curiosity about the vivid monster bat bee in the film! Todays blockbuster film released a special edition of Bats and Bees of Foreign Beasts, which shows in detail how the monsters in the film came into being from scratch.

The behind-the-scenes team explained in detail the origin of the extinct monster.

According to the description in Tim Liebens novel, Bat Bee is a fleet-eating flying creature. They were unintentionally released from dusty underground caves, causing urban chaos and forcing Ali (Kieran Sipka?) and her family to flee to the countryside. Because batbees have been isolated from the world for millions of years in caves, and evolved underground, the special effects team designed the real body of batbees based on this special evolutionary process, mixing bats and dinosaurs. Robert Kurze, the producer of Dead Silence Escape, said that after a long period of conceptualization, the special effects team covered everything from the bat bee gravity rule to the life cycle to the reproductive cycle, and everything was designed according to reptiles, which ensured that the bat bee had a strong sense of reality in the film.

Global Top Visual Effectiveness Team Strength Guarantees the Birth of Bat Bee

As a monster horror film, the special effects design of Death and Silence Escape is particularly important. The design team of the monster Bat Bee in the film is very strong. They are Mr. X, the worlds top visual effect company. Maybe you are a little unfamiliar with the name Mr. X, but you must know something about their works. Mr. X has completed the special effects production of many popular films, such as Biochemical Crisis 6, Billy Lynns Midfield War, Bingxu, Water Story and so on. In order to ensure the real sense of the monster batbee in Death and Silence Escape, Mr. X hired a group of excellent biologists from all over the world to join in the creation, and actively communicated the design details with the director and the producer. He tried again and again in the early design stage. It is precisely because of Mr. Xs professionalism and meticulousness that the monster bat bee can be born smoothly.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020