Zhang Yinwens Visit to Todays Movie Review and Analysis of Shanghai Fortress

 Zhang Yinwens Visit to Todays Movie Review and Analysis of Shanghai Fortress

Sci-fi Subject Collision with the Earth

The freshly released movie Shanghai Fortress started almost at the same time as the blockbuster Wandering Earth at the beginning of the year, and they were released in succession in the same year, which naturally triggered a contrast between the audience. As a supporter and creator of science fiction movies, Zhang Yiwen expresses to Movie Review Today that it is difficult to understand the comparative mood, which also means that the audience really cares about science fiction themes, and only when they have doubts can they urge the progress of types. However, at the level of science fiction creation, according to Zhang Yinwens introduction to Todays Movie Review, there are great differences between the two films in specific categories of science fiction. In her opinion, Wandering Earth belongs to the disaster film caused by the change of the external environment to human beings and the earth, while Shanghai Fortress is an alien theme fighting against alien life, which is essentially different.

The adaptation of science fiction follows three principles

Secret love based on localization

The original novel of the same name in the movie Shanghai Fortress tells the emotional stories of a group of young boys and girls under the background of science fiction. In the movies, the emotional part is intentionally compressed, while the science fiction part is magnified. It is very likely that both the science fiction fans and the love fans will be dissatisfied. To this end, Zhang Yinwen said to Movie Review Today that the balance between original works and adapted films has always been a problem that fiction adapted films have to face. For science fiction adaptation, there are generally three principles that can not be changed: one is the most valuable level of science fiction design in fiction; the other is the construction of world outlook; and the third is the construction of world outlook. Expressions of topics. As for the attempt to adapt Shanghai Fortress, Zhang Yinwen believes that director Teng Huatao chose the most touching parts of the novel to create based on the above three points.

Love is not uncommon in science fiction or disaster movies. As for the secret love depicted in Shanghai Fortress, Zhang Yinwen pointed out to Todays Movie Review that it is the characteristics of both films and novels that make the love relationship express in an indirect way. In her opinion, this choice of secret love is seldom presented in the national science fiction movies, and the description of Shanghai Fortress to secret love is also an attempt to localize Chinese science fiction movies.

Local Enhancement of Substitution

Distrust needs to be gradually broken down

At the localization level, Shanghai Fortress makes the Chinese shoulder the responsibility of saving the whole human race, but at the same time, the price it pays is to make our city land sink. Why did the tragedy in the film excite Chinese fans? Zhang Yinwen pointed out to Todays Movie Review that with the improvement of Chinas national strength, audiences will have confidence in our own historical mission of saving human destiny, and in a sense, it is also a reflection of our cultural self-confidence. Zhang Yinwen continued to tell Todays Movie Review that this kind of presentation also narrows the distance between the film and the audience. Crisis in the movies in the cities he lives or knows will make the audience have a strong sense of substitution.

As the representative of Chinese sci-fi movies, Shanghai Fortress and the previous Wandering Earth were faced with public distrust at the beginning of their birth. Faced with the scenes of Todays Movie Review, Zhang believes that this distrust does not originate from any single movie itself, but from an emotional attitude towards Chinese science fiction films which are still in their infancy. Zhang continued to point out to Movie Review Today that instead of discussing how to build a local context, it is better to present the work directly to the audience. Whether the audiences feedback is good or bad, it is necessary for the advancement of Chinese science fiction movies.

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