Koch listed Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as country and Liu Wen terminated the brand endorsement cooperation.

 Koch listed Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as country and Liu Wen terminated the brand endorsement cooperation.

Today (12) at 2 a.m., netizen Hongqiao First Sister broke the news on Weibo: Another big brand of Koch has been exploded to insult China, among which Taiwan has been corresponded to Taipei in the corresponding countries, and Hong Kong has become a completely independent sector, so Coach, you really do not give you an explanation? The blog also includes @Coach Kochs official microblog. A kind of

On the back of the T-shirt, which is called COACH1941, there are many names of cities and countries. Beijing and Shanghai have Chinese names. However, Hong Kong has a separate section. It does not add the word China after it, while Taipei has directly added the word Taiwan after it, along with Canada, China and the United States. The names of other countries are juxtaposed.

Established in 1941, Coche is an American fashion brand. Its product range includes womens handbags, mens bags, shoes, shoes, clothing, watches and so on. In 2015, Koch launched Coach 1941 series at New York Fashion Week, which updates its seasonal products every year.

In addition, according to the World Wide Web reporter, there are similar problems in Comchis T-shirt of the same name. A kind of

At the same time, Global Network reporters found that when searching for global stores on Kochs official website (https://www.coach.com/stores), it was shown as FINDBYCOUNTRY (Note: Search by Country). The drop-down column showed three geographical names of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which were parallel to those of China and the United States.

Under the above-mentioned explosive microblog, many netizens commented, expressing their dissatisfaction and protest.

Some netizens reminded me that the lessons from the past are right in front of us, and Koch is still going up against the wind? Chinese style

Someone laments: Whats the matter with these big foreign brands? Chinese style

Others said they had silently deleted (Koch) bags from shopping carts. Chinese style

Some netizens predicted that the apology statement was on the way. Chinese style

The microblog also forwarded a lawyers statement saying that Ms. Liu Wen has terminated her cooperation with the Cooch brand endorsement.

Well, China, you cant miss it at all!

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Wang Xiaowu_NF