Two men knocked down the old man by drunk bicycle and said they were touched by porcelain and beaten to dissuade passers-by.

 Two men knocked down the old man by drunk bicycle and said they were touched by porcelain and beaten to dissuade passers-by.

Beijing News reported that two men bicycled and knocked down an 85-year-old man, claiming that the other party touched porcelain and insulted and beaten the old man. Both passers-by were also injured when they came forward to dissuade him. Today (August 12) morning, the case was heard in the Third Intermediate Court of Beijing. The court upheld the original judgment and finally sentenced the defendants, Sun Moujia and Sun Mouyi, to provoke trouble and sentenced them to one and a half yearsimprisonment and one and two months imprisonment.

On the scene of the trial, the first left is the defendant Sun Moujia.

The old man said he was dragged and abused after being knocked down, and passers-by dissuaded him.

It is understood that the old man concerned has died. Records from his lifetime show that at about 15:00 on May 17, 2018, when he was walking eastward across the road at the southwest corner of Gongti North Road and Gongti East Road in Chaoyang District, he was knocked down by an electric car driving behind him. Two people on the electric car got off and tried to pull the old man up. After that, two men carried the old man to the roadside. One of them beat him with an umbrella and said that the old man was touching porcelain.

I smelled the smell of alcohol on both men. One man let the other run first. The two boys next to him couldnt see it. They said they beat the old man and pushed them away. According to the transcript, the old man said that the passers-by who helped him was beaten with an umbrella by the involved man, and there was a physical conflict between the two sides. Then the ambulance arrived and lifted the old man into the car. At this time, the man with the umbrella struck the old man on the neck with the umbrella. He said he would send me to the crematorium. According to the result of identification, the old mans hip fracture constitutes the first grade of minor injury.

Mr. Chen, a passer-by, recalled that he and his friend, Mr. Yan, were driving past the departure site and found an old man lying on the side of the road. A man in black was beating the old mans chest with an umbrella, and his hand was beating the old mans chest. There were many people around him. Afterwards, he and Mr. Yan got out of the car. When they found out that they were leaving, I called you out that you could not leave after the fight. There was a quarrel with the other side. Mr. Chen said that in the process, the other side stabbed himself in the chest and crotch with an umbrella and started to do it, then the two sides fought together.

When we dispersed, they chased us and fought. Mr. Chen said that the other side caused his own injury, Mr. Yan fracture. Afterwards, the family members of the other party compensated 10,000 yuan, and the two sides reconciled.

Witness Mr. Zhang confirmed that the old man was accused by cyclists of touching porcelain after being knocked down, and was dragged to the roadside to be scolded. After Mr. Chen and Mr. Yan found out, they prevented the two men involved from leaving, and then there was a quarrel and fight between the two sides.

The security guard took the manager on the road after drinking and cycling, and all of them were sentenced to assault after the accident.

After trial, the court of first instance confirmed that after the defendants Sun Moujia and Sun Mouyi knocked down the old man from the back, they dragged the old man who could not stand and walk to the roadside tree pit to insult, threaten and beat him. When watching the two men stop their departure, the two sides had physical conflicts. After identification, Mr. Chen suffered many surface abrasions and Mr. Yan suffered from right ulna fracture.

The court of first instance held that Sun Moujia and Sun Mouyi had weak legal concept, beat others at will, the circumstances were bad, and their acts constituted the crime of provoking trouble. In the joint crime, Sun Moujia played a major role, was the principal offender, and Sun Mouyi was an accessory. In view of Sun Mouyis truthful confession and guilty plea, he has compensated the victim, Mr. Chen, for his economic losses and has been forgiven, and given a lighter punishment according to law. The first trial sentenced Sun Moujia to one and a half yearsimprisonment for the offence of provoking trouble, and Sun Mouyi to two months imprisonment for one year, and jointly compensated Mr. Yan for the loss of more than 60,000 yuan. Later Sun Moujia appealed heavily with the original sentence, and his defender pleaded not guilty.

This morning, the second instance of the case opened. Sun Moujia and Sun Mouyi appeared in court. Sun Moujia was born in 1965, a university culture. Before the incident, he was the security manager of a large shopping mall. Sun Mouyi was the security guard under his command. At the time of the incident, Sun Mouyi was drunk and driving with Sun Moujia. The blood alcohol content of Sun Mouyi reached 105.8 mg/ml.

During the trial of the court of second instance, the incident surveillance video was authenticated. The video content confirmed that Sun Moujia hit the victim Mr. Yan with an umbrella. The court held that although Sun Moujias assault on the elderly was not found in the on-site surveillance video, the equipment used to shoot the surveillance video was a rotating camera, which did not shoot at the scene of the case for some time. According to the victims statement, witness testimony and other audio-visual materials collected by the prosecution, it can be confirmed that Sun Moujia abused and attacked the elderly in public places, and then had physical conflicts with the victim in this case.

The court of second instance held that Sun Moujias mistake preceded by his mistake, which resulted in the disruption of social order and bad social impact. The court upheld the original judgment in the second instance, and the ruling was final.

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