Chongqing will make every effort to promote Putonghua: cadres take the lead in mobilizing the supervision of the general public

 Chongqing will make every effort to promote Putonghua: cadres take the lead in mobilizing the supervision of the general public

Recently, Chongqing issued a work programme to promote the use of Putonghua. Cadres and staff of Party and government organs in the city were required to use Putonghua on six occasions. The work programme also proposed that public service practitioners directly facing the public should use Putonghua.

According to the Chongqing Daily on August 12, the latest domestic movie The Devil Child of Nezha has won box office and public praise, but the pronunciation of the title of the film is difficult for many Chongqing people. In addition, words such as paralysis, ruggedness and Hongyan are often mispronounced. Many citizens call the correct pronunciation of Putonghua is too difficult! u201d On August 11, Chongqing Daily reporters learned from the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Committee that in order to further enhance the quality of citizens, improve the business environment, improve the level of opening up, display the good image of Chongqings openness and tolerance, and create a beautiful city of near Yue Yuan, the Municipal Civilization Committee issued the Work Implementation of Vigorously Promoting the Use of Putonghua in the Municipality. Case.

The plan proposes that the promotion and use of Putonghua should be guided by Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and that the important instructions put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping to Chongqing on the orientation of two points, two places, two heights, three roles and the creation of a good political ecology should be fully implemented. Implementing the National General Language and Character Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Measures for Implementing the National General Language and Character Law of the Peoples Republic of China in Chongqing, and further promoting the use of Putonghua in the whole city in the light of deepening the activities of creating mass spiritual civilization, so as to enhance the comprehensive quality of cadres, enhance the civilized quality of citizens and enhance the citys quality. The city has a better image of quality.

Reported that deepening the promotion of the use of Putonghua requires cooperation from all sides. The plan proposes that cadres and workers of Party and government organs must use the general public in meetings, reports and arrangements at all levels, press conferences, media interviews, telephone calls, visits by the masses, visits by superiors and foreign guests or businessmen, external contacts and public service activities. Conversation.

At the same time, voice announcers and waiters engaged in railway, civil aviation, taxis, buses, long-distance buses, rail transit and other public travel industries, tour guides of travel agencies and public cultural tourist sites such as scenic spots, museums, exhibition halls, libraries, cinemas and theaters, announcers, waiters, shopping malls, hotels, etc. Reception (service desk) staff and waiters in business and trade service industries such as hotels, water supply, power supply, gas and medical, banking, insurance, postal, communications and other convenience services business halls (outlets) staff, as well as government halls, customs, public security entry and exit management windows in public service management industries such as. The above public service practitioners directly facing the public should use Putonghua.

In recent years, the promotion of Putonghua in our city has achieved remarkable results. Putonghua training has totaled more than 6 million people, and more than 2.15 million people have been tested. The popularization rate of Putonghua in our city has reached 81%. Many Chongqing citizens understand and speak Putonghua, but they seldom speak Putonghua in their daily work and life. As an open city, Chongqing should vigorously promote the use of Putonghua. In the report, Charty, director of the Language and Writing Management Office of Chongqing Education Commission, introduced that this years Putonghua Publicity Week will focus on promoting Putonghua to schools for children of migrant workers and rural teachers in 18 poverty-stricken villages and towns. Next, Chongqing Language Committees at all levels will focus on organizing the training and level testing of Putonghua in Party and government organs and public service industries at their respective levels, striving to achieve full coverage by the end of 2020, promoting the transformation of Putonghua from speaking to speaking well among cadres of Party and government organs and employees of public service industries, and organizing relevant departments. We should do a good job of routine and random checks, mobilize the general public to supervise the use of Putonghua according to regulations, and ensure the effectiveness of the promotion of Putonghua.

Hey, Hey, Shakuo, Hahaer... How can Chongqing dialect be expressed in Putonghua? What problems do Chongqing people have in pronunciation of Putonghua? According to upstream news on August 11, the head of the Language Commission of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission said that next step, the Office of the Municipal Language Commission will do a good job in Putonghua training and level testing around these two issues. Putonghua proficiency test will first be conducted in teachers, according to the results of the test to develop training programs for various industries, and gradually push forward. The Chongqing Municipal Education Commission speech committee also published a common Putonghua standard Putonghua and official readable wrong words in official language.

Upstream news reports show that in March 2019, several hosts in Chongqing also went to a local school to share with them, Do you know why Chongqing people find Mandarin difficult to speak? We must overcome the dialect of Chongqing dialect, pay attention to the stress and rhythm of reading aloud, and enhance the flexibility of voice.

In addition, a report in Chongqing Business Daily in 2017 mentioned that the common saying is that people in Chongqing are afraid to speak Putonghua without fear. 4 and 10 are often misunderstood because of the same pronunciation.

Reported that, 4 and 10, many Chongqing citizens who do not have standard Putonghua, pronunciation is quite laborious. And when the printer of the printing company who has not a clear phonetic score of plain and warped tongues meets the owner of Guangdong who is not standard in Putonghua, an Oolong Opera comes out vividly. Originally, 4 Boston lobster group vouchers for 328 yuan were printed on 10 group vouchers. At the beginning of 2017, when people went to foreign showrooms to buy shopping malls for exchange, they disagreed with store staff. Helplessly, they had to turn to the media for help. Under the coordination of the reporters, the boss finally agreed to pay for it and faced direct economic losses of more than 10,000 yuan.