Most of the farmland in the lower reaches of Shouguang river beach was submerged without stopping rainfall

 Most of the farmland in the lower reaches of Shouguang river beach was submerged without stopping rainfall

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Shouguang Rainfall is not stopped. In the early morning, the lower reaches of the Mandi River were mostly submerged (Source:)

Influenced by Typhoon Lichma, Shouguang, a vegetable town in Shandong Province, suffered the strongest precipitation since 1959, when meteorological records were available. At present, although the local rainfall in Shouguang has been weakened, but the rainfall has not stopped. Danhe and Yao rivers are full of troughs and are trying to rescue them. On the morning of August 12, local dikes near Beichahe village in Mihe County, Henan Province, appeared. Villagers moved overnight for this reason, and flood prevention personnel worked overnight to rescue and rescue the disaster. At about 8 a.m. on August 12, reporters passed the Mihe Bridge near Shouguang North Ring Road, where a large number of sand bags were piled up by the river. Through flood discharge and other measures, under the Mihe Bridge, the water was beginning to recede.

Mihe River has been diverted many times due to floods in its history. Every rainstorm, Mihe River is the key river to be watched by the local people. To the north of Shouguang North Ring Road is Yangtian Road, which is also the dike of Mihe River. From last winter to May this year, Shouguang City has strengthened the dike along Yangtian Road. At present, most villages outside the embankment are not damaged, but most of the farmland inside the embankment is flooded.

Villagers along the Mihe River stand on dams to pay attention to the water regime of the Mihe River.

In the village of Nanlouqian, Shangkou Town, many villagers stood on the embankment and checked the water potential in the rain. The villages rations are all in the river beach on the Bank of the river, and are now all flooded. Wang Baihai, a villager, told the Beijing News that his family had five mu of land beside the river bank and planted onions, which were half-tall and could soon be sold. Now they were all flooded. Wang Baihai didnt buy insurance. Last year his family planted onions as well. Lost last year, still this year. At present, the local price of Shandong onion is about 3 to 5 wool, and the yield of shallot per mu is about 4000-5000 kg.

Victim Wang Baihai.

Along Yangtian Road to the north, in Zhenkouzi Village of Shangkou, more than 3,000 mu of land in the flood discharge area along the river was submerged in the flood. The residential area of Kouzi Village was outside the embankment and did not enter the water last night. Local officials said that the main crop of corn along the river was insured this year.

Kouzi Village is only one road away from Mihe River.

Near the South half of Yingkou Town, near the bend of Mihe River, this is the biggest flood discharge area of Mihe River last night. At 10:00 a.m., the reporter saw that the flood overflowed the Yangtian Road, the current was turbulent, the apple orchard along the road was submerged in the water, and the water level was close to the bottom of the tree crown. A bridge to the north of the village has been flooded by the river and the road has been cut off. The people on duty warned Xin Jing Daily that the water level was the highest in the middle of the night after yesterday, exceeding 1.5 metres of the road, on the roadside, near a man-high railing, and there were branches left after the flood.

Where the flood overflowed, there was a two-storey small building beside the river, where the staff who guarded the dam had previously been stationed. There was a rubber dam on the side of the building, but it had disappeared. People warned reporters that when the water level was at its highest, the flood had already overflowed the courtyard wall. Reporters saw that although the water level has receded, but the door of the small building has been washed down, skewed hanging on the wall.

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