Revealing the Secrets | From Novels to the People Behind Cartoons

 Revealing the Secrets | From Novels to the People Behind Cartoons

In fact, they are the same as you.

Ordinary people

Become a Benzi Painter

In a serious way.

Key Animator

(Everyone is a decent person)

The original artist, also known as the primary mirror animator, is an action designer, and the manuscript painted is called the original painting.

At present, it is one of the most popular positions in the animation and game industry.

What does the original painter do?

The original paintings are mainly divided into two kinds.

1. The original picture of the game

Game Drawing

The original picture of the game is a very important link before the game is made. I believe many people have played DOTA and the Alliance of Heroes.

The characters, props, scenes and scenes are all designed by the original painter.

Film and TV Original Painting

The game characters and animation scenes you know well are all created by the original painter.

Thats your little sister.


02 Is the original painting difficult to learn?

Seeing the above, do you feel good and want to shout, I also want to learn!

So, is the original painting difficult to learn?

I tell you, the software for making the original painting is Photoshop, commonly known as PS!

Do you make money as an original painter?

Part-time job

As far as I know, if its an original character painting, a full-color painting alone will take at least 2,000 yuan to start.

The new role in the FGO is also hundreds of thousands of yen, equivalent to about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

If you have friends who often read news, you will hear that Netease asked Daniel to create the original painting in order to make Yin and Yang masters. It is said that one original painting is 150,000.

Even the new designer, the average salary is about 10,000, which shows the popularity of the original painter in the industry.


(Example: Average salary level of the original painter)

(Maybe its also an opportunity for you to enter your dream company.)

And the salaries they recruit are considerable.

What kind of work can I do in the future?


Game Position

Role Design, Scene Design, UI Design, Special Effects



Animation, Animation Post

Cartoon Painting, Cartoon Character Design, Cartoon Assistant

If you want to learn the original painting, here is a set of zero-based to real-life quality video materials for you.

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Many people often ask me why this industry makes so much money.

Development Trend of Game Industry

Data Source: China Industrial Information Network

According to the information published by China Industry Information Network, the total revenue of the game industry reached 203.61 billion yuan in 2017.

This is an increase of nearly 40 billion yuan compared with 2016, and the number is still rising.

Thus, we can see how much domestic demand for original designer.

Development Trend of Animation Industry

Animation, is also a high-speed development of the industry, in recent years, Chinas animation film industry is also vibrant.

Open Information Display Based on China Industrial Information Network

In 2010, the output value of Chinas animation industry was only 47.1 billion yuan.

In 2014, the content production strength of Chinas animation industry was further enhanced, with a total output value of more than 100 billion yuan.

In 2015, the total output value of Chinas animation industry has reached 113.1 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate in 2010-2015 is nearly 20%.

In 2017, the total output value of Chinas animation industry reached nearly 150 billion yuan.

Top 10 at the box office of domestic animation films

Chinas animation and game industry is in its golden age

It is also an important part of our cultural entertainment in the future.

A kind of

(Appreciation of the Creation Process of the Original Painting)

May I learn it?

This is a question that many people will ask. Many new students will ask me.

Can I learn it well? Im afraid I cant learn.

Similarly, others can, you can.

The more you learn, the more opportunities you have.

If you want to learn the original painting, so that you can avoid any detours and avoid those pits that I have learned before, now I can send you my original paintings, which will help you.

A kind of

Video materials worth 10,000 yuan are also attached.

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