In 2019, we must see the Korean film Parasitic, cruel and absurd, revealing the helplessness of reality!

 In 2019, we must see the Korean film Parasitic, cruel and absurd, revealing the helplessness of reality!

This is a pair of Wang Bo Combination. It can be predicted that the film will be a good movie with good reputation without watching the title and the introduction of the film. Why can we have such self-confidence? Maybe its because their cooperation is so tacit that as long as the two names are tied together, theres no reason to think its going to be a good film.

Memories of Killing is also known as a masterpiece in Korea. Even after so many years, the feeling of powerlessness and suffocation in the film can be clearly perceived.

Hanjiang Monster can express a theme about biochemical disasters so artistically, depict it so tensively, and make people think deeply, so that people have a fresh understanding of monster movies.

The content of Snow Country Train is more rich and profound. A closed society composed of trains, human good and evil, beauty and ugliness, rich and poor, all-embracing, black, depression, even the final treatment of some flaws, but it is still a good work worth remembering.

These three works are enough to make the two partners Fengjunhao and Song Kanghao become the golden signboard of the film, which is also true, because this year they cooperated with another good film and won the Golden Palm Award of the 72 Cannes Film Festival. This film is the parasite which blows up the film circle.

When I got the movie resources from my friends, I was very excited. This movie, which had been waiting for a long time, was finally going to meet me. I wanted to share the links with you, but somehow, the links could not be shared.

Parasite is good, is a very obvious kind of good, no deliberate mystery, nor deliberately create a high-level atmosphere, two hours down, you will not cover your mouth, give your thumb, can be said to be a Korean film to watch in 2019.

It must be said that Han Yings depiction of realism is not only so simple as to dump several streets of Chinese movies, but also because they dare to shoot and can shoot.

In fact, it is not the first time that parasitic theme movies like parasite have appeared in Korea. The reason why the appeal is so high is probably that this time, it is more dramatic and tragic.

The plot of the film is very simple. It tells us that four people living in a semi-basement family are unemployed vagrants, living in a tight situation. The eldest son unexpectedly becomes a foreign teacher for the daughter of a rich family because of the introduction of friends. In order to make more money, he seizes the opportunity to introduce his sister and parents to the rich family one after another and becomes dependent on the rich family. The story of the living parasite.

The movies name is perfect. The name parasite can be said to break the mystery. If I were to change it, I would probably choose Fraudulent Life or other similar names with no standard. But parasite is different, it is a metaphor of social status quo and a reflection of black humor.

The film mainly shows that life is not easy under the social gap between the rich and the poor. Many people think that parasites unilaterally refer to the poor people living on the parasite of the rich. But if we look at the rich, why not be a parasite in another sense? Some of these parasites are not poor, but incompetent, unable to take care of themselves, so they need drivers to drive and housekeepers to do housework. So parasites are macroscopical, not just referring to which wave of people, but to all people. Thats the charm of naming. Theres no better name for this movie.

Looking at the content, the story tells the story of poor people entering the upper class society in an all-round way. From the parasitic level, from the windowless basement to the small window in the semi-basement, to the large familys floor-to-floor glass window, it shows the hierarchical division in the most realistic way. Its also the scenery. The protagonists family sees some ugly scenes of drunken people urinating everywhere from the window. The rich people have green space, vegetation and open space in front of the landing window.

From the first day when he became a tutor in a rich family, the male owner planned to bring his younger sister in. When his younger sister came in, he began to bring in his parents. This directly showed that the poor people were greedy. The so-called greedy is that they did not own it, so they want to get more and earn more money from the rich, that is the poor family. Desire, as to what other people will be, is not in the scope of consideration, because it is difficult to take good care of oneself, how to take care of others, so there are dismissed drivers, dismissed housekeepers.

Until a rainy night in the east window incident, the protagonist family took advantage of the rich family to go on vacation, monopolize the luxury house, eat, drink and play in it, drunk, but also expressed their inner bitterness.

Father said: This wife is really kind, rich but kind. Mother immediately retorted: not because of money but good, because of money so good, if I were rich, I would be very kind, super good.

Yeah, who doesnt want to be a decent and kind person? Who doesnt want to be the kind person in other peoples population? But many times, the reality tells you that you cant care about kindness. You can only care about food and clothing in every way. So why does mother choose to let the former housekeeper in on a rainy night, even if she feels strange, or let her in? She came because she should be kind to her former housekeeper.

The protagonists family lives in the basement where there is no sunshine. The clothes cant get sunshine and easily have mildew. This kind of indescribable taste is actually the taste of class. When the wealthy returned because of the rain and the family could not escape from the wealthy family, they overheard the conversation between the wealthy man and the wealthy woman. The man said that the driver had an unspeakable taste. In a word, he felt very disgusted. When he said that, he abandoned his face, and his father listened to it and remembered it in his heart, so he had the end. Deadly knife to the master.

Although many people do not understand why the father finally stabbed the master with a knife, it is because he has not been disliked by others, that kind of disdain is not to treat you as a person, look at you like a pile of garbage, you may say that the poor are not qualified to have self-esteem, but if there is no self-esteem left, what the poor have left, they also rely on it. Their hands create wealth, and they are not deceived. Even if they brush some small means in the middle, they will not be respected.

The first half of the film is very pleasant to see, it is simply a piece of Shuangwen, but the second half is in endless meditation, people struggle to survive, in order to find a place to live for themselves and their families, otherwise there will be no sense of belonging in the world.

At the end of the film, the boy vowed to make money, let his parents live in the villa of the rich, and let his father come out with justice. This may be the boys dream, or it may be that he can really do it. Open ending is more imaginative.

Why do I praise it, because the reality is that the gap between the rich and the poor is so large, some people worry about the next meal, some people struggle to choose which villa, this is the reality, this is the society, this is the world, come and go, it is not easy.