Writer Zhang Xiaohao was stolen and plagiarized: Cant you talk well if you live in a house of 20 million?

 Writer Zhang Xiaohao was stolen and plagiarized: Cant you talk well if you live in a house of 20 million?

I dont know if its an exaggeration peculiar to women writers or if its too inexperienced and too strenuous.

Even if it doesnt make sense, just wait for someone to come. The 20 million-dollar house has to have two or three bathrooms to compete with a pile of shit and piss.

She felt that she had great resentment, not the toilet, but the property and her husband.

Compared with the disappointment of property, her disappointment of marriage seems even greater, but later the couple and their enemies resented the Communist netizens, and the contradiction shifted.

However, for the people who eat melons, the highlights are still 20 million small houses, top5 life and smelling the subway on others. The sense of superiority is hardly too strong.

Some scolded her for flaunting her wealth, others scoffed at her poverty - 20 million is really not a house in Shanghai.

Thats why Ive always avoided talking about my income and assets in my writing. Ive talked about not only making some people think youre showing off your wealth, but also indirectly exposing that you dont have much money. Its never bad to be a low-key person.

Newly rich people tend to float, Rich people do not return to their homeland, such as clothes, night trips, but after seeing the heaven and earth, people will come down.

One thing to say is that even though 20 million people are still far from top-class luxury houses, they are decent houses in Beijing and Shanghai, which are richer than most people.

This is a standard, advanced version of the middle class portrait --- 20 million people are just at the top of the middle class: they have achieved class leap by their own efforts, but a soaked house and a blocked toilet bring you back to the original shape, so that you can see your wolf, see that you are from the real elegance, delicacy, t t. Ops life is still far behind.

They are cautious, ups and downs, especially anxious, afraid to fall out of the circle of death has been defending. So its easy to feel self-pity and self-injury, as if they were crushed by a trifle, giving birth to a grievance that Ive worked so hard to live how Im still failing to live up to me.

But such grievances, you can not expect to be understood by outsiders.

Living in 20 million houses worrying about a toilet is not in the tears of the public, and human sorrows and joys are not linked.

Just like Zhang Xiaohan, who lives in a high-grade building, would not want to know that the Chinese cabbage in the vegetable market is five cents more expensive today. Aunt Lis children are two points behind in the college entrance exam. Zhangs husband just found out cancer yesterday.

In fact, the latter is the real ecology of all living beings.

If the blocked toilet hits Zhang Xiaohans G-spot, the subway smells exciting to the publics nerves.

If Zhang Xiaohao only defends the rights of ordinary people, and makes it clear that the room water intake is a quality problem of construction, the property services he enjoys and the property fees he pays do not match, I dont think there will be much controversy.

But in her heart, the naked dislike of the class she had just shaken off betrayed her between the lines.

Zhang Xiaohao is also wronged. He earns money and buys his own house. Why cant he complain on his own platform?

I believe that she didnt think too much at that time, and her mood was blocked there, so she had to send it out.

But if you express your feelings without worrying about the class you despise, they will also have no worries when they fight back.

The worlds business is nothing more than your fart and my fart. None of us has the obligation to know the life of strangers. But knowing sometimes makes you understand how it feels to take care of others, and consequently tolerates the intolerance caused by not knowing you.

Its hard for the ladies in the lane hall to go into 20 million houses.

But its much easier for women writers to lower their posture. They can walk out of 20 million houses and see the outside world in the alleys. Many advanced middle-class people come out of the alleys instead of rushing to clear their boundaries and make a non-cannibalistic fireworks, which has nothing to do with poor people like you. State.

Thats why I hardly ever write articles complaining about my life. Am I happy every day? Not necessarily.

Anyone will be upset or even collapse about the big things of sesame and mungbean, but I know that my troubles and those that can not even guarantee the basic life are too insignificant to care about.

People who dont even have enough food dont want to buy flowers.

If you are full of complaints, you will confide in everybody, in exchange for only one sentence:

Be content, you are good enough.

Depression is a luxury, the poor dare not, see the psychologists money can buy how many household goods. How many young people living in compartments dream of going to a 200-square house, even if they have to open the toilet every day.

You can complain, but it is cruel to ask others to sympathize with you.

Its important to understand transposition. Unfortunately, understanding is a luxury, because all living beings suffer.

Your suffering may be just a show-off for others.

And moderate management of ones grief is a kind of compassion in itself.