QQ Flying Car Luo Zhixiangs Collaborative Song Star Dancer Strong Attack - Starlight Bright Dancing Legend

 QQ Flying Car Luo Zhixiangs Collaborative Song Star Dancer Strong Attack - Starlight Bright Dancing Legend

The theme song of Polaris Power Star Dancer is a new single created jointly by Luo Zhixiang and Chen Xinghan, the gold medal producer, after Shuai Yi and NoJoke. Speed is art is the concept of the pole star power car factory, pole star power has been devoted to the design and development of natural and artistic combination of racing cars. As the theme song of the same name for the new racing car, the single Star Dancer shows the flexibility of the improvisation power of the new racing car. The new racing car operates with excellent hand feel and light body, just like a smart dancer; the new racing car has strong drift ability and is very smooth in the race field. Players can control the speed sensitively according to the conditions of the race track, and display a strong wind in the race, just like dancers shining their own brilliant light on the stage.

Mono Style: Seismic Notes Walking with You

On July 30, the new version was released, bringing two new audio tracks of Polaris Mirage City: Mirage City Holiday and Television Dream Factory. Players with the jumping notes, shuttle between the tracks, feeling the shock of extreme speed. The theme song is created with Glitch-hop, as its name implies, Glitch + Hiphop, which gives players a more pleasant dynamic experience. The single combines the relatively rare 8 bit video game elements in China and the interlaced and flickering synthesizer timbre, which highlights the unique charm of the new racing car. Polaris Factory is trying to break through the limit of speed and imagination with audio. The rhythmic drum group fills every corner of the race field. Let players sprint along with music in the cool race track.

Music IP: Breaking through Self-cultivation

There are many impressive BGMs in the era of QQ Driving End Tour ten years ago. As soon as the music sounds, its like being in front of a computer screen to control a racing car for cool operation. And with the QQ Driver Tour on the line, music factory brand Q flying noise also came into being, which also represents that it will bring more music belonging to the flying car. At the end of 2017, singer Zhang Jie served as music director of QQ Driver Tour and joined hands with low-key combination to present the 10th Anniversary Theme Song fast for exclusive QQ riders. Then in Dunhuang, he cooperated with singer Xu Song in the new era, and with singer Wang Suzheng in the autumn of the S League. The singles Speed with You, Born First, Racing Sky and Polaroid Battle Songs of Racing Cars appeared one after another. Q flying noise constantly enriches their music content, to create a more dazzling game experience for players. This time, we have launched in-depth cooperation with all-round artist Luo Zhixiang. Not only has the flying music IP achieved further success, but more fresh blood has been injected into the design of racing cars and the production style of music, and more creativity and imagination have been added.

When color breaks away from light and shadow, extreme speed is art. Star dancers shine at the finish line. They come to the National Speed Hand Tour QQ motorcycle to experience the passionate collision between speed and music. Racing car stars and dancers will also be on line in the near future, blooming charm, players do not miss oh!

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