Longyin Oriental Rejuvenation 2009 Dahua Westward Travel Annual Press Bright View

 Longyin Oriental Rejuvenation 2009 Dahua Westward Travel Annual Press Bright View

Dahua 2 classic version of the brand-new dragon information film will be released on August 15 for public testing. Six dragon protagonists will come with brand-new skills. New weapon attributes and exclusive anti-scale characteristics will also be launched together. The combination and attributes between teams will be more diversified, and the battle between players will be more ornamental. In addition, there are more public welfare emotional feedback, the Dragon Prince, the Year Beast, 100 copies of gold treasures surprise sent out! The two main protagonists of the Dragon Nationality, together with other interesting contents, will be launched in early next year to add new experiences and pursuits for players.

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Dragon Yin East! Dahua 2 Longzu Platform Public Survey on August 15 (Source: Netease)

Free version of Dragon Nationalitys brand-new appearance calls beasts to open a brand-new chapter

Dahua 2 Free Edition also launched the annual Giant Dragon Film. Six Dragon protagonists came on stage with brand-new skills, which also brought brand-new weapon shape and exclusive anti-scale characteristics. Dragon will have brand-new division skills, and race balance will be reconstructed, which will bring more surprises to players. On August 15, the Dragon Nationality Public Survey was opened, and the second part of the Dragon Yin Oriental documentary film, called a new chapter of animal, will have a new understanding of animal summoning skills, skills will also have a breakthrough. In the second half of 2019, two new protagonists will be introduced, which will continue to add new experience to the Dragon.

Old Players The second season of Youth shows the band Hesse singing Youre the One in Life

After 17 years of youth together, the big talk cherishes the players as always. At the press conference, the official announced that the microfilm Youth of the Second Season of Old Players You was released synchronously. This is a three-episode micro-film about the feelings of the players in Dahua Journey to the West. It is still adapted from the true story of Dahua players. In the three episodes, it tells the love, friendship and friendship of the players in those years.

The scene has brought you many touching music in the summer, and the band of Hessa played the theme song of the second season, Life You, which is closely related to Changan. On the spot, the local band of Xian took you into the time tunnel with this warm-blooded emotional single, and recalled those unforgettable youth feelings. Righteous story!

Cartoon Bold Talk Youth Tour Re-exposes the Emotional Producer Plan to launch a blockbuster

Carefully polished for four years, the first game adaptation animation series Dahua Youth Tour, which is highly anticipated by big-talk players, also exposed the latest clips at the conference. The Youth Tour of Talk is elaborately polished by the top production team in China. It tells the love stories of the free life and swordsman in a warm-blooded and relaxed way. Animation into a large number of traditional culture elements, players familiar with the big talk scene, the game encounter NPC will also appear in the film.

In addition, Wu Yi, director of brand marketing of Dahua Xiyou, put forward the Emotional Output Plan. Players submit ID to participate in the activities through official website and public number. They will have the opportunity to use the name of Emotional Output to make their names appear in the animated cartoon in the name of Emotional Output and help the animated cartoon with Ding Lei, CEO of Netease. Words in the seventeenth anniversary of a gift to the players.

Chinese Made Players Love to Focus on the National Wind

In addition to continuing to take traditional culture as the backbone, innovation and interaction as the skin, inheriting the national style in film, television, animation, literature and other fields, and using big talk as a cursor pole made in China, this year will also unite more excellent national brands to create more cross-border Made in China for you.

Time flies. This year has been the seventeenth year of Dahuas westward journey. The friendship and justice remain unchanged for seventeen years. Guofeng Dahua upholds the ingenuity of loving games and patriotism and keeps innovating, so as to make Dahuas westward journey as a classic country to create IP go farther and keep company with you all the time. In 2019, the big talk will bring more surprises. The new race, the Dragon Nationality, will be tested on the whole platform on August 15. We are looking forward to it!

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Dahua Xiyou 2 Pocket Edition, full marks classic, fingertip restore! Official website: http://xy2.163.com/koudai/