Research on Modern Love Behind Zha Nus Expressional Pack

 Research on Modern Love Behind Zha Nus Expressional Pack

This puzzle once confused the female compatriots to death.

Why are there more and more slag women nowadays?

The fuse of the incident originated from a group of sudden popular slag girl expression packs.

Dont tell me you havent saved it yet.

It seems that overnight, your sister and sister, whether they are distant cousins or high school monitor, have changed and become a Love Cheater who has been mixed up for many years.

Now, persistence for love is no longer cool, everyone is playing a killer without feelings.

Dreg girl is a cup of wine, who drinks who goes up

When the cartoonist Bei Tiaosi wrote Three Sisters in Cats Eye, he probably did not think that the three female monsters from Zhaohe era would be the first female slag fighters in Chinas Internet field in 40 years.

But red makes sense.

In the cartoon, Beidaoshi changed the usual routine of the young and white female master, creating three colorful, interesting and affectionate images of the big female master.

Big sisters eyes are silky, second sisters innocence and desire, and little sisters innocence. Aircraft and yacht can do anything. Its good to steal chickens and dogs.

So what are the characteristics of a standard slag girl using the cats eye three sisters as a template?

First of all, look at the appearance.

For example, those with big red lips and hot waves are likely to be slag girls.

The so-called slag Man Tin paper hot, slag woman big wave

The key is to cast a net, not to eat, not to express, not to take the initiative, not to refuse, not far away, love to play, not responsible, chat more, talk less heart.

In a word: walking kidney, not heart.

The Thirty-Character Bible of Zai Nv

Essentially, this is a kind of recalcitrant play, which reflects the prisoners dilemma in contemporary men and womens communication.

If you give a spare tire to one person, you are a spare tire; if you give ten people a spare tire, then TA is your spare tire.

Even the little girls films have learned the Manifesto of Drug Girl

It sounds like every minute of ritual and joy, but it does not prevent the raging tide of slag girls from infecting everything close to it like a virus.

Faced with this situation, many young men who had no idea of the style began to be anxious.

The Question of Tiger Putting Juveniles

In this way, between your suspicions and temptations, the atmosphere of rivers and lakes has deteriorated. Everyone had a heartless life, boasting that they could not get in, but they couldnt even hear their heartbeat.

Then on a cold night when no one asked, he sent out a question of torturing the soul.u2014u2014

Why dont we believe in clumsy and sincere love anymore?

To answer this question, I interviewed several friends who claimed to be slag girls.

Lin Lin, 27 years old, HR, a listed company in Baoyou District.

From university to the present, there are almost no vacancies. The predecessors have not yet finished their work, and the next one will continue.

Lin Lin said that she should be a slag girl, although she has never been a third party, and has never worn a green cap for anyone.

Wear a green hat or not, see how you define it. Ive always been interacting with people, but once there was only one real boyfriend.

Sister Ten Yuan tells you where the value of spare tires is.

Good-looking is the necessary condition to become a slag girl.

But look closely, Lin Lin Lins appearance is not top-notch.

She has a medium-sized appearance, better than delicate skin and no pore on her plain face; a pear-shaped figure with a slightly thick waist and a small chest, but she often wears shorts and skirts, revealing long, smooth thighs.

That pair of thighs had been depilated for 2,000 yuan at freezing point.

Textbook-grade slag girls eye killing

How to become a slag girl?

Lin Lins answer is, first of all, to be valuable, and secondly, not to be sincere.

Come on, dont make enemies. When I was in college, I was also the Minister of Outreach of both organizations.

More importantly, she is mysterious and interesting.

Unlike other girls, they cry twice before they get the news.

The less Lin Lin cares, the more fascinated the boys are and the more they want her. In front of her, she rolled and rolled, revealing the most ugly face.

In the crisis-ridden love arena, Lin Lin Lin has always been calm, set clear rules to ensure that they will not roll over.

Love is like a game, she always wins.

Sometimes they talk to Guy. They really talk. If you dont go out of your mind, youll be more ruthless than anyone else. Youll have a feeling of dazzling each other.

I asked Lin Lin why she could be free and easy.

Lin Lin is an old lady in the family. The youngest cousin is four years older than her. The whole family spoils her from the heart.

Later, Lin Lin grew up. In the first year of junior high school, she fell in love with her junior high school seniors.

First love seems to open the gate of Lin Lins love, from which there have been a steady stream of boys showing good intentions.

But she hasnt fallen in love with anyone yet.

Lin Lin also has heartbeat boys, but when she becomes a couple, the filter of love will fade away, and then she finds out that the other party is just like that.

Nowadays, she only enjoys ambiguous feelings.

Although there are many boyfriends, Lin Lin has been protecting herself well and not spoiling her reputation.

She doesnt provoke boys with girlfriends, and she has a way of dealing with difficult predecessors.

Some people call themselves scum girls, and behind their backs they are licking dogs.

In fact, according to my field survey, compared with a few gifted natural scum girls, the remaining 80% of the users of the facial pack are successful.

After Xiaoyu broke up with his predecessor, Weibo closed each other.

She replaced her head with a slag girls expression bag. I hope my predecessor can leave a haughty image when he rapes her on her microblog.

Soon after, she removed her head again - if she really put it down, it would not be like this. The head only shows that there is no silver here.

Xixi is also a loyal user of Drug Girl Express Pack.

In doing so, I want to cover up the fact that I am still a vegetable chicken and warn those ambiguous objects - dont cheat my sister, she has experienced many wars.

Lian Xixis dormitory group is called the Drug Womens Union. However, the four of them did not officially take off the list from their freshman year to their senior year.

And the girl Coke really completed the transformation from dog licking to slag girl.

Four years ago, Cola, a high school student, first fell in love with her, and she was seven years older than her.

That scum man, not only stingy, but also took pictures of my private room.

Even if it behaves sensibly, Coke is still badly hurt. She tried hard to keep it, but she never got a response.

The other side said, You are too young. Im better suited to her.

Cokes world is like an avalanche. She cant eat, she cant even drink water. She lost ten kilograms in half a month.

From then on, she simply put her hands in her pockets and nobody loved her. She just wandered on the edge of ambiguity and was never sure about the relationship.

What does it feel like to be a slag girl?

Super cool, never lose love.

But every time after dancing, when the music and shaking disappeared and the surroundings were quiet, Coke always thought, How nice it would be if someone who really likes could take care of themselves by their side.

Not long ago, Coke met a boy who was rich, good-looking and kind to her.

To show her sincerity, she deleted all spare tires and was ready to develop a relationship. She found herself reduced to spare tires.

No matter how many men you meet, Coke still cant tell the difference between them.

I was revenged, and I dare not, its not fun to be a slag girl.

Learning how to be a slag girl is probably the rebellion and escape of girlsstereotypes.

In this new era of changing things, the definition of love, like other traditions, seems to be constantly deconstructed, restructured, and then grow more postures.

And the term slag girl itself is nothing more than a network symbol.

The more a girl declares that she has no feelings, the more likely she is to have a soft heart behind her back.

Love is a compulsory course in life which is easy to learn but difficult to master.

The expression pack is only the armor of social life. In the final analysis, it hides the caution and embarrassment of love.

After all, dating is a venture capital.

You dont know, this second for you affectionate boy, is five elder brother or He Shuhuan.

Nevertheless, the answer to love has never been fully scored.

A sister once said to Lin Lin, I dont envy you at all. You will never get the happiness and pain I get in my feelings.

The moment she heard this, she was a little shocked, but soon felt OK.

I have had many happy moments, and those moments are real.

Tobeornottobe slag girls are all personal choices.

But no matter which level you think about, youll get the same answer without any surprise. Thats it.u2014u2014

Eight-character formula, keep in mind.

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