Tang Monk PK Luli Daxians Gaotai Xiansheng is a real competition in real life.

 Tang Monk PK Luli Daxians Gaotai Xiansheng is a real competition in real life.

But in real life, this contest of sitting on high platform is really a competitive contest! But the name of the competition is Paalzitten, which originated in Frisland, the Netherlands.

The rules of the competition are similar to those of the high-platform meditation in Journey to the West - contestants need to sit on top of a wooden pole, comparing who sits longer.

To avoid injuries caused by falling asleep or numbness, poles used in competitions are usually placed in water several meters apart from each other. More humanistic is that the poles used in the competition are usually equipped with seating boards and backrest, and the rules also allow participants to go to the toilet every few hours.

But in the past, the rules were not as loose as they are today. In the early 1970s, participants were not allowed to leave their poles at all. As for urine and urine, they had to hold up canvas to protect their privacy and then use barrels to solve it.

Even under such tough conditions, during the 1972 Paalzitten World Championships, some people managed to sit on the pole for 92 hours, a record that no one has broken until now.

Considering that there is no fierce competition, Paalzitten is usually dead, and very few viewers have the patience to wait for the winner to be born on the spot. Nowadays, Paalzitten is attracting more tourists from all over the world to eat melons as a tourist project.

It is worth mentioning that this incredibly boring sport has also been adapted into a movie called Sportsmanoft the Century, which tells the story of a fanatical Paalzitten practitioner who trained himself to break the fictional record of sitting on a pole for 250 days. In 2006, the film was nominated for two Golden Onion Awards, the worst film award and the worst director award.

Source of this article: Netease Sports Responsible Editor: Zhang Jiaqi_NBJ10940