And conspiracy? U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong Secretly Members of the Rioters

 And conspiracy? U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong Secretly Members of the Rioters

According to Dagong Daily on December 12, some netizens recently saw Julie Eadeh, head of the Political Department of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macao, and Shi Mok-ke, the new U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong, meeting secretly with Li Zhuming, the founding president of the Democratic Party, and Chen Fang-ansheng, the former Chief Secretary of Government, two important figures of the rioters.

_Eadeh Secret Meetings Chen Fang Ansheng and Li Zhuming (source: Hong Kong Mandarin Report)

U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong

The netizen said that Li Zhuming and Chen Fangsheng had been seen walking out of the American Congress at 2 p.m. in the Trading Plaza that day and traveling with about 5 or 6 foreign men and women, taking the escalator downstairs. I read the news that Julie Eadeh met Huang Zhifeng and Luo Guancong in the evening. I didnt expect that Julie Eadeh had met Martin and Anson before. The netizen recalled that several foreign men with Julie Eadeh appeared to have dinner with Martin and Anson at the American Congress. Some netizens have posted a video taken at the parking place of the Trading Plaza on YouTube, in which a pedestrian including Li Zhuming and Julie Eadeh entered two cars with license plates of SZ14** and NTC0** respectively. It is reported that both vehicles belong to the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong. This video clearly shows that Smoker was sitting in a car with a license plate of SZ14**.

Li and Chen had a close relationship with the United States during the period of occupying China

It is understood that Li Zhuming and Chen Fangansheng were exposed by the media during the Zhanzhong campaign in Hong Kong in 2014 and had close ties with relevant organizations in the United States. Tony Cartalucci, a researcher at the US Geopolitical Think Tank, pointed out that Li Zhuming had met with NED politicians in Washington and spoke at a NED Seminar on Hong Kongs democratic process during his earlier visit to the United States with Chen Fangsheng.

American Women Officials in Hong Kong and Macao are Experts in Psychological Warfare and Subversion

According to previous reports on overseas websites, the leaders of Hong Kong Independence Organization, Huang Zhifeng and Luo Guancong, met with Julie Eadeh on June 6. Witnesses said they were very respectful when they met her, as if they had seen their big boss.

_Eadeh secret meeting Huang Zhifeng and Luo Guancong (Tuyuan: Ta Kung Pao)

It is understood that Julie Eadeh is an expert on warfare and subversion of the U.S. diplomatic system. He once wrote that diplomacy is to make friends and partners to achieve common goals. She was born in the Department of States Department of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Affairs, and has written a report to discredit human rights in China. Since 2004, she has penetrated the Middle East in the name of promoting human rights and democracy. She has worn bullet-proof clothing in the field activities. In 2006, she cooperated with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Marine Corps in the Lebanese-Israeli conflict to complete the largest evacuation of American nationals after World War II.

The Foreign Ministry responded to the unreasonable accusations of the United States

In response to media exposure that U.S. consular officials in Hong Kong met with separatists in Hong Kong, a spokesman for the State Department said on the 8th that it was totally unacceptable to divulge private information from U.S. diplomats. Only barbaric regimes and irresponsible countries would do so. In this regard, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying pointed out on the 9th that the frequent involvement of the United States in Hong Kong affairs will inevitably arouse the strong opposition and indignation of the Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots. The spokesman of the US State Department should first reflect on his own words and deeds and not use media reports to criticize other governments, but also to reverse the black and white and the rake, in an attempt to conceal the fact that the US interferes in Chinas internal affairs. Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong. Chinas peoples hearts should not be humiliated and its public opinions should not be deceived. We urge the United States to abide by the basic norms of international law and international relations, immediately stop interfering in Hong Kongs affairs and immediately stop interfering in Chinas internal affairs.

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